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Den Saakaldte – Kapittel II: Faen i helvete



Den Saakaldte is a band that I really enjoyed their first release named Øl, mørke og depresjon (2008). All Hail Pessimism, the band’s sophomore album, was another release that liked as well. Den Saakaldte was quiet for five years and I must admit that I kind of forgot the band and was very surprised when I got to know, about one month ago, that the band had released a new album. Of course I had to have it.




Allow me, please, to talk a bit about the band before reviewing the album. Founded in Norway, the band’s name was inspired by a song of Ved Buens Ende, one band that is a must listen and sadly they aren’t active since 2007 (they only released one full-length album in 1995 called Written in Waters that is a masterpiece), Den Saakaldte features members from bands like 1349, Fortíð, Pantheon I and Curse, just to name a few, like I’ve mentioned before, the band has released three full-length albums (counting Kapittel II: Faen i helvete), and three splits, two of them being released also in 2014, one with Horna and the other with Varathron.




And now for Kapittel II: Faen i helvete, the band has reinvented their music and I like it. The band’s music and musicianship feels stronger than ever; I really enjoy the vocals better than the previous ones done by Niklas Kvarforth (I do like his singing, his vocals, but I enjoyed Eldur better) and the new members really brought some freshness to Den Saakaldte’s sound. The album features, besides the more black metal oriented music, doom elements and clean vocals. The music, one more time, is very varied: you have tremolo picking, epic riffs, killer drumming up to a more melancholic atmosphere, a gloomy aura with lyrics in Norwegian (adding another interesting ingredient) and an absolute admirable production. They’ve done everything right on this album!




As I always ask, if you feel compelled to check the band, especially Kapittel II: Faen i helvete, do whatever you can to help the band. This is indeed one magnificent album that deserves more listeners, in my humble opinion, of course.


Take good care of yourselves!


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Den Saakaldte


Album: Kapittel II: Faen i helvete (2014)


Label: Agonia Records




1. Din siste dag

2. Forbanna idioter

3. Du selvproklamerte misjonær

4. Endeløst Øde

5. Djevelens verk

6. Som ett arr på sjelen

7. Ondskapens nødvendighet


Den Saakaldte is:


Sykelig – Guitars

Seidemann – Bass

Honey Lucius – Keyboards, Effects

Tybalt – Drums

Tjalve – Guitars

Eldur – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

July 7, 2014


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