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Der Weg einer Freiheit – Stellar



Founded in 2008 in Würzburg, Germany, Der Weg einer Freiheit means “the way of a freedom” or be better explained by founding member Nikita Kamprad to a Decibel Magazine interview, “Way of (a) Freedom”, a way to escape and maybe set other people thinking about their lives they lead. This is a band that I have been in contact with its material not for long, only three years ago, when they released the amazing Unstille. Now, in 2015, their third full-length album comes to light, Stellar, which I’ll share some thoughts about it.




What we have here is, in my humble opinion, a very passionate, exquisite and dazzling work of extreme art. With a very organic sound, the band creates very harsh and intense moods, with impressive speed and quality. All the compositions have a majestic, epic feel, characterized by grandiose guitar playing, distinct drumming and monumental vocals, which I truly believe are at the finest moment in all of Der Weg einer Freiheit’s body of work.




While being, in a way, inspired by the traditional Black Metal, the second-wave, the band keeps its own identity in this honest and diverse creation. And Der Weg einer Freiheit dwells through different landscapes created by this genre, at times being atmospheric, at others being completely aggressive and furious. There’s a dark beauty in Stellar that can not be put in words. Energetic, powerful and ethereal, Stellar is a tremendous exercise of graceful brutality.




As for the album’s production, a real top-notch work in my modest view, as all instruments and vocals are clearly audible, well-balanced, with none of them overshadowing one another. Well, my dear friends, you can see how much I’ve sincerely enjoyed this release and, now, I invite you all to check Der Weg einer Freiheit’s sounds, available at the official Bandcamp page. And if you like what you heard, please, support the band.




Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Der Weg einer Freiheit


Album: Stellar (2015)


Label: Season of Mist




  1. Repulsion
  2. Requiem
  3. Einkehr
  4. Verbund
  5. Eiswanderer
  6. Letzte Sonne


Der Weg einer Freiheit is:


Nikita Kamprad – Guitars, Vocals

Tobias Schuler – Drums

Sascha Rissling – Guitars

Giuliano Barbieri – Bass


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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March 30, 2015


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