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Greece has produced some of the most reverenced metal bands, such as Rotting Christ, just to name one. And it’s from this amazing, historical country that today’s band hails from. Diablery was created in 2008 in Chalkis, Greece. And, here’s what the band has to state about themselves: “Diablery is a Message – a herald of the Aeon in its luciferian expression. For us, ‘Lucifer’, is also acknowledged as Man’s Inner Flame or Will. We believe that ‘Will’ is the first pillar of Attaining Wisdom, Knowledge and ultimately the Godhead.”


As most of you already know, and I mean, my usual and highly regarded readers, I only review, or better, tell you my thoughts, bands that I enjoyed the release. I know this isn’t a huge website, not even a medium one, but I really don’t want to be one more responsible for the demise of a band simply because their music was not to my taste. Well, I’ll not say “never”, but, probably, you won’t see a review “bashing” a band here, I chose to ignore. Just to make myself clear if you find strange that there are no negative reviews here. You know the reason now, if you didn’t already. Of course some I enjoy more and others I enjoy less.




So, I, yes, found this album terrific. The almost experimental/ avant-gardish atmosphere is fascinating. The music is also very symphonic, but not to an extent that you might get bored out of it. You can clearly hear how creative, skilled and interesting the band is. And that the Diablery members put 100% effort on “Architect’s” construction. There’s a Limbonic Art mood all over the album. No, it’s not another “clone band”, but rather some nuances that reminds me of the Norwegian act. With a very powerful sound and epic atmosphere, “Architect” is a must have album. There’s everything you want on a release like this, violins, cello, fast guitars, brutal vocals, heavy synths, energetic drumming… Being that said, I have to say that the album is also weirdly exquisite, it has an elegant feel.


Production is one more element that I want to talk about; it’s really professional, with a great sounding record that makes the music even richer. So, I finish this review as usual, check out this band, if you like the style and please, if their music pleases you, help the band the way that you can, that you are able to.




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Have a pleasant day.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Diablery


Album: Architect (2014)


Label: Independent




1. Mysteria Aeterna

2. Architect of Manifestations

3. Embraced by the Theurgist

4. Vanity of Darkness

5. Magistris Inferiores

6. Thus Made Perfect

7. Seal Thy Mouths with Pillars of Azurite

8. Ichor Shrine Synagogue

9. Blackness Enshrouds This Congregation

10. Horn of Amentet


Diablery is:


Beleth Drums

Setesh – Guitars, Vocals

Nazfell – Synthesizers

Nimerius – Guitars

Desaster – Bass


Official Facebook:


Offical Website:


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August 5, 2014


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