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Dimholt – Liberation Funeral



Just yesterday I drank a Bulgarian wine (as I like discovering new wineries in countries that aren’t the most known concerning wine) and today I’m reviewing a band that hails from this country. And much like the wine I drank, I loved the music they play. The band’s name is Dimholt. Formed in the year 2003, in Bourgas, after eleven years (a demo and an EP), Dimholt is releasing their first full-length album named “Liberation Funeral”.


About the music itself, we have here not the standard black metal release, but something more than that. We hear some elements of doom here and there, some death metal influences as well as a psychedelic atmosphere. It doesn’t mean that we’re talking about one of the “insane” bands that I used to play on the MetalCast Podcast very often. No. The music here is rich and not just “crazy”, again it’s fast paced, but not like some bands that plays the same thing over and over again very fast in order to create an aggressive, but poor release. No once again, here the music is fast, but well written, well done. This album was also influenced by both old-school Black Metal as well as the more modern path. It feels epic; it feels cold and warm at the same time.


The production, additional sound shaping and sound engineering the band was in charge of Thomas “TT” Tannenberger the well-known mastermind of the legendary band Abigor. It’s a very black metalesque sound quality. I’m not saying it in a negative way, that you can’t hear the instruments or anything, it’s just something not polished, more raw, but still completely listenable not only for Black Metal listeners, but for metal fans in general. That being said, it completely fits the music style that Dimholt plays.


Support the band! As I mentioned before, this is a self-release and totally worth your attention! I sure hope to see this band releasing new albums, independently or through a label, it doesn’t matter, I would like to see, in the future, the band alive and active as they’ve shown more than enough potential with Liberation Funeral, a fine release!


Until next time!


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Dimholt


Album: Liberation Funeral (2014)


Label: Self-released


Track list:


1. Blindead

2. The Neverhealing Wound

3. Chaos Reborn

4. The Shades of Night

5. Black Horizon

6. In Tombs

7. Armageddon

8. Ruins

9. …at the End…

10. Theodicy


Dimholt is:


Asen – Guitars

Woundheir (aka Monolithe) –Vocals

Rumen – Guitars

Yavor – Bass

Stanimir – Drums, Drum Programming


Official Facebook:

Official Homepage:

May 24, 2014