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As most of our readers have realized, I usually interview and review Black Metal as well Post Metal bands for this website and I’ll also work on some Neofolk interviews as and reviews as well, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like other metal (talking about it only) styles and today I’m reviewing a Thrash/ Death/ Speed Metal band from the United States named Dirigiri.




Meaning Gates of Hell, Diririgi was founded in 2004 in San Antonio. The band plays very exciting and brutal music, blending, as mentioned before, various influences/ metal styles, which turns their music unique. There’s old-school thrash, death metal, pure thrash metal, with all band members doing their job extremely well. Their music makes you feel like headbanging during the entire EP (luckily for your neck, it’s “just” an EP and not a full-length album). I think that the production isn’t bad at all for a new band and you can clearly see that they have all the elements to create an outstanding full album, if they keep on working. This is just an awesome release that needs more attention…




If you want to support the band, Dirigiri is being distributed through “Abyss Records” and “Obsculum Cruentum Records” and New Order Records, all in Costa Rica, “Black Plague Records Viceral Vomit Records”, “Xatanica Productions” in New Zealand, Blacksmith Productions in Russia, DeathGasm Records (Georgia) as wekk Helldpro (Holland &Portugal).


Until next time!


Grade: 9,0


Band: Dirigiri


Album: Dirigiri (EP – 2014)


Label: Independent



1. Death By The Hands Of An Angel

2. Bone Collector

3. Boiled In Blood

4. Riot

5. Straight From The Grave

6. Toilet Extermination


Dirigiri is:


Omar Guerra – drums

Gene Olivarri – guitars

Derek Dishner – vocals/ bassist


Official Facebook:

June 20, 2014


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