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Dodheimsgard – A Umbra Omega



Dødheimsgard is one of those bands that I must thank the owner of this old metal store I used to buy, unfortunately closed for a very long time. I remember that it was a Saturday morning, I went to buy “Live in Leipzig” and the guy told me if I wanted to hear something completely weird and different, I should buy an album that was just released, 666 International. We used to listen to the album first, but as I was in a hurry, I trusted his judgment and bought it along with “Rebel Extravaganza”. Sixteen years passed by and I still thank him for introducing me to Dødheimsgard and a whole new world of different extreme metal.




Well, after this little story that isn’t really that interesting, perhaps only to those that also used to do the same thing, let me talk a bit about the band for those that aren’t still familiar with Dødheimsgard. Started as a Black Metal band in 1994, the Norwegians progressed to an Industrial/ Avant-garde Black Metal that we can hear nowadays. They have released until now five full-length albums, the latest, which I share some thoughts about it being “A Umbra Omega”, eight years after their previous album, “Supervillain Outcast”.




It’s almost impossible to describe this album, to put in words how amazing this release is. When you listen to “A Umbra Omega”, you know that it was worth waiting for so many years to be able to hear the new Dødheimsgard’s sounds. It’s insane, unique and so varied that it’s almost an impossible task to talk about it. The music progresses organically while combining Jazz, Post-Metal, electronic and symphonic elements, acoustic music, all in an atmospheric and still schizophrenic, maddening aura. It’s hard to be able to combine it all in a whole album, imagine in a single song. And Dødheimsgard masterfully manages to do it, not forgeting the epic and imposing feel of Black Metal with impressive riffs. Indeed such an incredible work; so far, in my humble opinion, one of the best albums of the year.




Whenever I write my thoughts about an album, I listen to it one more time while typing the “article”. And I have to state that each time you listen to “A Umbra Omega”, you find something different, a new detail here and there, it’s spectacular. I admit that I am astonished, as I truly expected something “high-level”, but this reaches the rank of geniality. And it’s interesting that the music presented here actually “messes with your mind”, it does affect you in some sort of way. I can not say how it will “affect” you, but it’s such a powerful release that, in my modest view, there is no way it will not involve your mind. It’s trippy, weird, uncommon as well as exquisite, creative and stunning. If you are looking for something unconventional, extreme and alluring, with that bizarre touch, “A Umbra Omega” is a must-have.




Another aspect of this release that completely pleased me is the production. It’s flawless, you are able to enjoy all the details of the songs and it’s indeed much needed for Dødheimsgard’s creations. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s almost impossible to describe this album, to be able to put in words the magnificence of this release, you have to hear for yourself. And that’s what I ask of you, to listen to the album, to give it a try and, in the end, to support these true “architects of darkness”.




Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Dødheimsgard


Album:  A Umbra Omega (2015)


Label: Peaceville Records




  1. The Love Divine
  2. Aphelion Void
  3. God Protocol Axiom
  4. The Unlocking
  5. Architect of Darkness
  6. Blue Moon Duel


Dødheimsgard is:


Vicotnik – Guitar

Aldrahn – Voice

L.E. Måløy – Bass

Sekaran – Drums

Thunberg – Guitar


Official Facebook:


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March 22, 2015


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