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Eastern Front – Descent into Genocide



Eastern Front is an UK band that hails from the city of lovely city of Ipswich. Formed about eight years ago, the band has already released two full-length albums, “Blood on Snow” in 2010 and “Descent into Genocide” in 2014, both via Candlelight Records.




As for a description of the band, I find it better to quote their official biography: “Eastern Front takes a new approach to Black Metal – which has been labeled “War Torn Black Metal”. Musically, they retain a traditional Black Metal sound but experiment with other genres, like Doom, Death, folk and classical, to create a range of different atmospheres in their songs. Each song evokes the emotional experiences of battle, encompassing hope, pride, comradeship, misery, sorrow and victory.”




In my humble opinion, “Descent into Genocide” is an excellent release. The music crafted by Eastern Front has that World War II atmosphere that we can feel while watching documentaries or well-made war movies, meaning that they really success in their goal. With an epic mood, we have a 90’s inspired (and notice, please, I use the word inspired and cloned) melodic black metal featuring all the elements of war, sirens, military style drumming, ferocity, gunshots.




The music is very dynamic, changing tempos masterfully, incorporating in their genre, not only Black Metal, but Death, Doom and Folk, with some classical additions, as it’s stated on Eastern Front official biography. This is a well-balanced album, with slower passages when the music and thematic needs and mostly fast, piercing black metal, that creates the horrors of this Great War.




Please, if you read this review and enjoyed Eastern Front’s music, all I ask is that you do what’s possible to promote the band, to help the band. And well, I’ll ask something for myself this time, please, like my page on Facebook. Suck acts are always helpful and give us more energy to keep on going. But, most importantly, support the music that you like.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Eastern Front


Album: Descent into Genocide (2014)


Label: Candlelight Records




1. Retribution Sky

2. The Hanging of Faith

3. Blitzfreeze

4. Katyn Forest

5. Descent into Genocide

6. Die Reise in Den Tod Pt.1

7. Ghouls of Leningrad

8. In Memory of the Fallen


Eastern Front is:


Holocaust – Guitars

Destroyer – Bass

Nagant – Vocals

Blitz – Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


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August 29, 2014


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