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Einherjer – Av oss, for oss



Today I’m sharing my thoughts on one of the bands that have been almost an integral part of my life. I’ve been listening to Einherjer for more than fifteen years and practically everyday I have an Einherjer song on my playlist, Dreamstorm being one of the most played. I’ve always defended that this is one of the most underrated Viking Metal bands of all times, even though yes, they’re very well-known, but, in my humble opinion, Einherjer deserves much more attention.




Created in the year 1993, the band released some great albums until they decided to split-up in the year 2004. Of course, at the time, I was very disappointed, as I believe that, with “Blot”, Einherjer was in their finest phase. Four years later, the Viking Metallers decided to re-group and, in 2011, “Norrøn” was released. I admit that I was a bit afraid that they “had lost it” before listening to this album and, fortunately, I was wrong. Now, in 2014, Einherjer releases “Av oss, for oss”. If you aren’t familiar with the band, there’s an interview with Frode on Metal-Maniac as well as many other zines out there that are making an outstanding work.




First, as I always do, I’ll talk about how the album “feels”, how it “flows”… And, my dear friends, this is not just because I love their music, I’m not a blind fanboy, we have here one of the best Einherjer albums up to date. Aesthetically beautiful, the music created by the Norwegians is simply exquisite and graceful, uplifting and original, “Av oss, for oss” features a true Norwegian atmosphere, this may sound quite obvious, but I have to point this out, the music is indeed a tribute to the Viking ages, it feels real, authentic and honest. I really feel that what I have heard is the essence of refinement and passion for their roots.




As for the music itself, it feels more epic, more grandiose, but, at the same time, more organic and less intricate. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel that this is an uplifiting album, but for its quality, its impressiveness and majestic moods, but there are indeed some melancholic passages. I also add that the music is powerful, melodic and very well-composed. All instruments are played with finesse. With many catchy moments, choruses, Frode’s well-known vocals, formidable riffs, powerful atmosphere and, what’s most important, as I’ve mentioned before, honesty, “Av oss, for oss” is indeed a breathtaking release. Yes, what can be sensed here is that they’ve created this music with heart and soul, resulting, in my modest view, in one of this year’s best albums.




To close my thoughts, I add that the production is nothing short of stunning, very clean. Last, but not least, I urge you all to check this release. If you can’t purchase an album now, there are plenty of other ways to support Einherjer, share their pages, reviews, interviews, whatever you believe will help keeping this band alive. This is the opinion of a music fan that supports the bands that he loves and I say one more time, my cherished readers, please, give “Av oss, for oss” a chance.




Have a good day.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Einherjer


Album: Av oss, for oss (2014)


Label: Indie Recordings




1. Fremad

2. Hammer i kors

3. Nidstong

4. Hedensk oppstandelse

5. Nord og Ner

6. Nornene

7. Trelldom

8. Av oss, for oss


Einherjer is:


Ulvar – Drums, Keyboards

Grimar – Vocals, Guitars

Aksel Herløe – Guitars


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


All photos belong to their rightful owners. (Toni B. Gunner, Foto Wolle.)



October 29, 2014


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