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Eintritt – Tempel der Meere



The internet use really has some negative consequences for bands, but also some very important ones as well. I was browsing on a band’s page and the musician recommended the band Eintritt, which I had never heard about. So, I searched for some information about the band and here’s what I found:

“Eintritt is epic funeral doom metal project of Eija Risen, the sole member. Inspired by The Howling Void’s music, founded in April 2013 with intention of taking the genre’s epicness to a whole new level. Shortly after, six tracks were composed, awaiting guitar and vocal recordings. The debut album “Tempel der Meere” is a conceptual work and it was released in August 2014. Its lyrics are odes for elements in nature, written in German language, spoken from a perspective of a sailor on a sea journey, being metaphors for life and philosophy, inspired by Andrey Tarkovsky’s “Stalker” movie.”




First, I freaking love Andrey Tarkovsky’s movies, especially Stalker, being one of my all time favorite films. Then the genre, “epic funeral doom metal”, it sounded interesting as well and then when I read about the concept behind the music, I was stoked. Adding all these elements, the music couldn’t be poor, it just couldn’t.


So, with much anticipation, I heard the digital album on the label’s Bandcamp page. And let me tell you, I’m waiting for the physical version to be released because I’m sold. Tempel der Meere is an exceptional piece of work. The music is heavily atmospheric, an atmosphere of solitude. The usage of sea sound samples and synths creates an epic mood almost like Summoning (the purpose of each band is very different, the mood of the album that kind of reminds me of Summoning), in a way, this album feels almost symphonic.




The distorted vocals feels more black metalish than the usual Funeral Doom growls, but, in my humble opinion, this just makes the music created by Eintritt even more unique. There are some cleans vocals as well that sound especially remarkable. The production of the album is, in my modest view, impressive; you can hear all the instruments and elements that put together create this exceptional release.


And I finish the “review” by asking you what I always do, if you liked Eintritt, support the band. Share their pages on the social network that you prefer, tell your friends (that obviously like metal music) about this band and last, but not least, whenever you’re able to, purchase the album. This is a creative and notable band that I truly hope will give us many moments of pleasantness with such elegant releases.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Eintritt


Album: Tempel der Meere (2014)


Label: No Remorse Records




1. Eintritt

2. Luftgeist

3. Erdgeist

4. Flammgeist

5. Wassergeist

6. Austritt


Eintritt is:


Eija Risen


Official Facebook:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

September 13, 2014


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