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Endless Affliction – Chain of Balance



Haling from Ioannina, Greece, Endless Addliction is a Technical Death Metal band founded in the year 2013. On the next year, the band released their début album “Chain of Balance”. Citing as their lyrical themes Greek mythology, more specifically the underworld, I was very curious to hear what these musicians had to show to us.




Crushing, aggressive, threatening and powerful, “Chain of Balance” is a distinguished album filled with dominant music, impressive and absolute atmosphere, it feels like something almost omnipotent, a suitable and matching tribute to Hades. Very brutal, but skilled, it’s not just “noises”, but phenomenal compositions.




It had been a long time since I was listening to Technical Death Metal, but ever since I’ve started this website (with all the support by Karsten Vom Wege), this genre has again become one of my personal favorites and I’m glad, as I didn’t know what I was missing. A little bit more about the music: awesome riffs, guttural vocals that does sound like coming from the underworld, solid musicianship, the music is very heavy, but as I’ve pointed out before, it’s not something frantic, great bass accents, and, one more time, savage guitar delivering. It shows, in my humble opinion, the bright future Endless Affliction has.




The production of the album is very clean; all done professionally and with care. Another element of this release that pleased me. I invite you all to check Endless Affliction’s début album “Chain of Balance” and if it pleases you as well, I ask you to support them, to help keeping the band alive, with new releases and perhaps, live concerts.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Endless Affliction


Album: Chain of Balance (2014)


Label: Independent




1. Intro

2. Scylla

3. Threads of Life

4. Lord of the Underworld

5. Obscure Creation

6. Wrath of Justice

7. Dock of Charon

8. Chain of Balance

9. Death Never Dies

10. Outro


Endless Affliction is:


Manolis Karavidas – Bass, Guitars (rhythm)

Alex Dimou – Guitars (lead)

James Mansakorth – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


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January 2, 2015


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