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Eosphorus – Winds of Apep



Eosphorus is a Swedish Black Metal band that sings about themes such as satanism, devil worship and death. The following statement gives you an idea of what this band is about: “The members of our brotherhood has always had a more different view on things than other people, be it with music, lifestyle or beliefs. In this, our sacred temple, we explore not just ourselves, but the rivers, valleys and the deepest pits beyond the flesh and mind.


With music and art we bleed our souls. All that is created by our hands is beyond the definition of sacred. This is our black mark upon the world.


We do not expect anything out of life. Nor do we expect anyone to understand why. Only through deep exploration of the soul and the beyond can we find our own paradise.




I have to admit, this is quite possibly one of the most interesting albums that I’ve heard this year. It feels like they are re-creating, and not cloning, with their own ideas and views, the sound that great Swedish Black Metal bands used to have and nowadays have completely forsaken it. The music feels like a homage to the past, but overlooking the future and not living in the so-called “good-old days”. I don’t know, but this is how I feel over their music. And it’s just fantastic.




There is, overall a melodic mood, but the music is still aggressive and at the same time atmospheric and beautiful, kind of enigmatic. The guitars are a fine example of Scandinavian Black Metal, melodic (once again) and barbaric, the vocals are very impressive and the drumming work is amazing. This is indeed an album that should be on my top releases of 2014. It’s hard to say this, but the whole release sounds perfect. I can’t find any flaws. And I say it’s hard because perfection obviously can’t be achieved all of the time and I guess Eosphorus managed to. “Winds of Apep” is so freaking majestic, powerful and stunning that I just can’t stop listening to it.




With crystal-clear production and clocking over one hour, this is THE album you should check, in my modest view. As I always finish my thoughts, I urge you all to support Eosphorus the way that is able for you. They really, really deserve more attention. I am speechless.




Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Eosphorus


Album: Winds of Apep (2014)


Label: WormHoleDeath Records




1. Into the Night

2. Satan Redeemer

3. Infernal Light

4. Divina Potestate Satanae

5. Winds of Apep

6. Liber Anima

7. Into Ashes

8. Stand by my Side

9. On the Circle Edge

10. Path of the Dead

11. Woken


Eosphorus is:


Markus Svantesson – Guitars (lead)

Oliver Spetze – Vocals (lead), Guitars

Joel Haegerström – Bass

Victor Parri – Percussion


Official Facebook:


Official ReverbNation:


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September 24, 2014


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