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Eschatos – The Grand Noir



As I have mentioned many times here, I love to travel and the Baltic countries are among my next destinations. There is something about them that attracts me, which draws my attention. And hailing from Latvia, one of the nations I want to visit the most, as soon as possible (due to a lung surgery, I cannot travel for a few more months), Eschatos has just released a new record, titled “The Grand Noir”.




I believe I should quote the band for you to better understand their sound, their philosophy: to truly understand what Eschatos is, look inside your own abyss. Look inside those things that make you feel condemned, uncomfortable and wary, things that make you raging mad and rabid, things that make you feel hateful. This is the fuel that burns the black flame of art that is Eschatos – untamed, lawless, pure and destructive.




Of course, after reading this, I was eagerly waiting to get to know more about this band. First, I heard the impressive “Hierophanies”, released in 2013 and, as I indeed enjoyed my listening experience; “The Grand Noir” was my next target. And what a splendid work of dark art that is this release. It is hard to put in words how brilliant this creation is, you have to listen to it in order to fully sense the coldness, the viciousness contained in this album.




There’s an old-school feel in “The Grand Noir”, but still being atmospheric, while keeping the band’s own identity and, at times, chaotic and desperate. The music feels abrasive, but at the same time smooth, combining elements of Progressive and Black Metal and resulting in an outstanding gem. The compositions ooze a sentiment of horror… I always enjoy to mention how the album “feels” and here there is the sense of being locked in the void prison, while anguish, lunacy and furor growls exponentially in you. It is simply amazing, well, if you are into this sort of “emotions”.




I truly believe that the album’s title fits perfectly the music presented in it, grandiose, dominant and compelling, but still, in its entire ghostly aura, gorgeous and delightful, brutal and unique. I think that it is challenging to release something absolutely different, diverse, but with “The Grand Noir”, Eschatos has, perhaps, reached this point of “exclusivity”, with a work that features pure obscure artistry.




As for the production, all sounds fine for this musical genre, clean, but not too much, otherwise it would sound too sterile. In the end, I am very pleased with everything “The Grand Noir”, all created with exquisite taste. So, my cherished readers, I ask all of you to, please, check their music, you can do it legally via Eschatos’ Bandcamp page… and if you happen to like their creations, I urge you to support and promote them in any way that is possible for you.




Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Eschatos


Album: The Grand Noir (2015)


Label: Independent




  1. The Grand Noir Rising
  2. In Whole Alone Is Good and Elsewhere Nowhere
  3. The First, the Last and the Living
  4. On the Divine Names
  5. Feast of a Thousand Beasts
  6. Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels (Silencer cover)


Eschatos is:


Thomas von Becker – Bass

Edvards Percevs – Drums

Hellgar – Guitars

Hellhurl Caligula – Guitars, Vocals

Kristiāna – Vocals


Official Bandcamp:


Official Facebook:


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May 24, 2015


One thought on “Eschatos – The Grand Noir”

  1. Nicodemus says:

    Excellent review! This will be released on vinyl towards the end of the year via Flesh Vessel records.

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