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Hailing from the beautiful state of Colorado, and there’s way more about Colorado than “just” South Park (for us non Americans), a state in which I haven’t have the chance to visit yet, but I will in the future, as I find it astonishingly fascinating, I review today a post-rock/ black metal band (big surprise, huh?) called Evergreen Refuge and its 2014 release Embers.




To start it too, I have to say that the album is entirely instrumental and features one song only that lasts about fifty six minutes. It is said that the band blends elements of black metal, folk, ambient and post rock, while seeking wildness and solitude in a self-destructive world and that Embers was conceived as a follow-up to “As the Fires Burn”, crafting a concept of life after a fallen way of living comes to a close. This sounds exactly what I love to listen to. The album sounds very mysterious, there are very different moods in the song, and you feel like you’re being led to a journey away from this, most of the times, futile existence, that leads into a sometimes hypnotic, sometimes atmospheric, sometimes pure and straight black metal. And I must add, it doesn’t get boring at all. Just sit down and listen to the entire song while doing nothing, while having nothing on your mind, expect to pay attention to it and trying to relax. It’s indeed very relaxing. The guitars are so emotional and beautiful. It can be depressive at times, but, if you manage to do it correct, it can be/ cause a journey into the darkest depths of your mind.




Last, but not least, I’m slightly drunk, so, forgive me if there are any mistakes on my review, or as I always say, not exactly a review, but my personal points of view concerning an album. And you might think why doesn’t he re-read his reviews and correct them? I don’t do that. Never. I want my reviews to be pure and untouched, to show my feelings while I’m listening to the album (of course for the third of forth time most of the times). So, lastly, what I cay say, is that I really, really enjoyed the journey led by Evergreen Refuge and I hope to experience more. And, as I always ask, support the band anyway that you can. It doesn’t matter how, but simply a word to mouth can be very helpful. Thank you for your time.


Until next time!


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Evergreen Refuge


Album: Embers (2014)


Label: Independent


1. Embers


Evergreen Refuge is:


Dylan Rupe – All instruments


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:

June 21, 2014


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