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Ewig Frost – Dirty Tales



Back to a land of great bands and beautiful landscapes, Austria, today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Ewig Frost’s latest release, “Dirty Tales”. Here’s what the band members have to say about their music: Ewig Frost sound like you’re speeding down the highway through post-apocalyptic deserts while the end of the world is breathing down your neck!




The music is freaking great, with some remembrance of Motörhead, we have a mix of Speed Metal, Punk and some Black Metal influences. The instruments sound all very bombastic, fast and dirty. With up-tempo compositions, everything sounding very barbaric, bestial and aggressive; there is no way you’ll manage to keep yourself quiet and calm while listening to this nuclear bombardment.




This is really an exciting, thrilling album, vicious, the music, in my humble opinion, never sounds repetitive and the consistency of “Dirty Tales” is to be praised as well. I also believe that the band was aiming a street level aesthetic which ended up in an assault to our eardrums.




The album’s production fits quite well the music they created, one more time, raw and dirty, as in most of the “Black/ Thrash” metal releases, such, for example, Deströyer 666’s “Phoenix Rising”. So, my friends, I ask you all to, please, listen to this band, if you haven’t already and, if you enjoy the music they have created, please, do what’s possible for you to support this band.




Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Ewig Frost


Album: Dirty Tales (2014)


Label: The Doc’s Dungeons




1. The Hellhound Blues

2. The Railroad To Hell

3. Black Rollin’ Thunder Clouds

4. Nothin’ But Silence

5. The Boys Are Back

6. Underhand Game

7. Numb & Deluded

8. ‘S Leben Frisst Di Auf

9. Mit Sturm Und Drang


Ewig Frost is:


Niitro – Vocals, Guitars

Fuel – Bass

Doom – Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


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December 29, 2014


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