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Fórn – The Departure of Consciousness



Today I was in the mood for some Doom Metal and I decided to check Fórn’s début full-length album “The Departure of Consciousness”, released this year, 2014. A bit more about the band: Formed in the winter of 2012, Fórn draws inspiration from its predecessors; Grief, Burning Witch and Asunder, while remaining true to natural progression. Blown low end, and gritty leads make Fórn one of the leading sludge bands currently in Boston.




This is the kind of Doom/ Sludge Metal I haven’t heard lately, I mean, on the latest releases, the slow, heavy, vicious one and I admit that I missed this take on the genre. Of course I love practically all Doom Metal subgenres, but there are times in which we have this urge to listen to the “sluggish”, lethargic take that is so inspire. And that’s how the album feels, crushing, melancholic, cathartic and somber. “The Departure of Consciousness” is a fine demonstration of the bleak, mournful world we are living nowadays.




The music is very atmospheric, with some hints of Black Metal and Sludge, slow-paced, well-composed and very dark. And I have to emphasize, this isn’t “simple” Doom Metal, you indeed sense that these are talented musicians that put a lot of effort and passion into this release. You never get bored while listening to “The Departure of Consciousness”, there’s always something different, a detail here and there that enriches the music. To describe their music is not something easy and I’d like you to listen to it for yourselves, just know one thing, I am blown-away. Besides the Black Metal and Sludge hints, we can also hear some Post-Rock influences, Funeral Doom, Psychedelic Music, all crafted with taste.




When it comes to the production aspects, one more point to this release, it’s not raw, lo-fi, but neither totally over-polished, this work reached the perfect balance for Doom Metal sounding. And I close my thoughts by inviting you to listen to this great band, check out “The Departure of Consciousness” and, if their music pleases you, I urge you all to find a way to support the band, even if you can’t make a purchase now, there are many other ways to help your favorite artists.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,2/10


Band: Fórn


Album: The Departure of Consciousness (2014)


Label: Midnight Werewolf Records




1. Emergence

2. Dweller on the Threshold

3. Gates of the Astral Plane

4. Alexithymia

5. Suffering in the Eternal Void

6. Cerebral Intermission


Fórn is:


Gary – Bass

Chris D. – Drums

Joey – Guitars

Brandon – Guitars

Chris P. – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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January 8, 2015


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