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Pagan Metal has always been one of the genres that I most admire, but when done seriously, with passion. I’ll be sharing my thoughts about one band that have released many engaging albums, and that is Fortíð. After releasing four full-length albums, including a trilogy, now the band returns with a new opus, entitled “9”, provided with nine songs of extreme, harsh, yet melodic Pagan/Black Metal.




Right now I am listening to “9” and I am impressed by the beauty of the music. It is aggressive and raging, but, still, you can feel the allure and refinement of the songs, fierce and filled with sentiment and pride. The music isn’t repetitive; rather it features many tempo changes, guitar solos, incredible riffing and insane drumming. For those that aren’t familiar with the band, what we have here is an Extreme Pagan Metal band, which can be translated, in a way, as a Viking Black Metal sound. You may think that the genre is over-saturated, it might even be, but the great bands still stands out with new and unique material and that is the case of Fortíð.




The vocals are another aspect of “9” that caught my attention. Much like the instrumental side of the album, it ranges from the grim, raw shrieks to a soothing, but powerful, clean vocals. The different ranges of emotions and atmospheres in this release turn it even more memorable. You can sense that the musicians really put effort and worked hard in this album, as in their discography, in my modest view. All I can say is that the music is well-composed, imposing and thrilling, an honest and creative release that should be heard by anyone interested in Extreme Metal.




Just a few notes about the album’s production, one more side of “9” that should be praised, it is indeed one great work; all clear and audible, making the experience of enjoying “9” an even more delightful process. I finish this humble article by asking you all, my cherished readers, to give this album a chance, to check Fortíð’s music and, by liking it, I urge you to support this highly innovative and original band that is Fortíð.




Take care.


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Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Fortíð


Album: 9 (2015)


Label: Schwarzdorn Production




  1. Hrafnar
  2. Hugur
  3. Nornir
  4. Viska
  5. Leit
  6. 9
  7. Galdur
  8. Rúnir
  9. Hof


Fortíð is:


Einar “Eldur” Thorberg – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars

Rikard Jonsson – Bass

Daniel Theobald – Drums

  • ystein Hansen – Guitars


Official Facebook:


Official SoundCloud:


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March 2, 2015


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