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From the Vastland – Temple of Daevas



I’m always trying to discover bands from countries that aren’t known for its metal because you can always find a gem here and there and I mean always. Sure, like in the countries that are famous for their extreme metal scene there are some “not so good” bands, but there are also amazing ones and such is the case with the scene in Iran. There are some interesting qualitative bands there that need our support. Today I’ll share my thoughts about From the Vastland latest album “Temple of Daevas”. Currently the band is located in Oslo, but originally from Tehran.




This is, of course, an Iranian band and the sole musician, Sina, composes Black Metal hymns about Zoroastrianism, and the mythology of Persia and Mesopotamia. If you like reading about mythology and aren’t familiar with the Persian one, I strongly suggest you to read about it. It’s really interesting and dark. Now, please, allow me to share my thoughts on the album’s atmosphere and then the music. “Temple of Daevas” feels triumphant, powerful, elegant and dark. Furious, intense and strong, From the Vastland build a superb atmosphere in this album.




For me the most difficult part when I share my thoughts on a release is to give a brief description on the music itself. I prefer to tell you how it feels, what I believe the compositions “pass” to the listener, overall, the atmosphere of the album, but, it would be rather incomplete if I don’t mention a few words about the music itself. And I’m not really into talking about technical details, I find these reviews a bit boring for those that want to know about the music only, but that’s just my humble opinion.




What can I say? This is superb Black Metal, with an old-school feeling, paying tribute to the greatest legends, but also having its own brand, its own mark. There are a few, very few oriental elements on the music; I say this as one would expect the music to have more, but no, not that much. I do love oriental influences in metal music, but it can get a bit stagnated. The vocals are incredible, it feels like Sina is spitting out malevolent words, amazing. The guitars are also another point that I’d like to talk about, they’re stunning, the same with the drums. This is a release filled with taste, culture and aggression, one hell of an album. Beautiful, simply beautiful.




The album’s production is superb, I mean, I’m not an audiophile, but I really enjoyed it. Perhaps the drums were just a tiny bit “loud”, but, all in all, it is indeed an outstanding work. So, my dear friends, please, give From the Vastland a try, check the band’s album “Temple of Daevas” and if the music pleases you, one more time, please, support this artist, and help him keeping this band alive.




Take care.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: From the Vastland


Album: Temple of Daevas (2014)


Label: Non Serviam Records




1. Ancient Glory

2. Wrath of Aeshma

3. Nightly Praise of Seventh Guardian

4. Kamak

5. Davalpa

6. Temple of Daevas

7. Alborz Rising

8. Djahl, the Vicious Wizard


From the Vastland is:


Sina – All instruments, Vocals

Vyl – Drums.

Tjalve – Bass


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


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January 12, 2015


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