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Goatpenis – Flesh Consumed in the Battlefield



Gotpenis is a Brazilian War Metal band that I’ve been following their works for many years. I highly admire the brutality of their music and lyrics. A few controversies have always been a part of Goatpenis history, but Sabbaoth has always stated that those were nothing more than lies and gossips. I shall quote some excerpts of his interview for Metal Maniac: Our “ideologies” are about historical battles and artillery. It really pleases us as researchers and History lovers. By that, I believe dozen of people think we are “Nazis”. (…)We basically read pre-Socratic philosophy. The thinkers from ancient times. Works by Machiavelli, Marquis de Sade, Heraclitus, Clausewitz, Sun Tzu are some source of good inspiration. It doesn’t mean we are real “terrorists”. We narrate historical facts. Some people asked us if we already killed people. That’s stupid! (…)Well, in some cultures penis is considered a symbol of power, masculinity, strength and domination. Other cultures, for instance, use penis to insult, provoke, and debauchery to religion and art. Sigmund Freud wrote very interesting concepts and definitions about it. That called me attention to use it as a band´s name. We opted for GOATPENIS, initially due its STRONG “accent” and chocking it would be as a War Grind metal band. Most of bands got weird names. I believe the songs are much more important than the logo or the name meaning.






If musical style tends more to a melodic and polish sounds, then you shouldn’t listen to “Flesh Consumed in the Battlefield”. This is crude, brutal, raw and violent War Metal that will blow your mind away. It is truly a restless, with no pity, furious nuclear bombardment. There’s an evil feeling all over the release, but it’s something that you can sense and not created by cheesy silly elements or sounds, the whole concept is malevolent, hateful and destructive.





Blast-beats, tremolo picking, atmospheric creating bass playing, bestial vocals, real blazing chords, all mixed together sounding ultra heavy, crafting the War Metal style that Goatpenis is known for, a blend of Grind, Death, Black and Thrash Metal, very straightforward and savage. This is cruel, barbarous, merciless and inhumane music and Goatpenis is just getting stronger and more extreme in each release. Be careful with this music, it just feel like destroying everything in front of you! Of course the experiences may differ, but that’s how I feel when listening to this band, anger, but, at the same time, an unexplainable relief.





The production of the album is obviously (and I say obviously because of the genre, War Metal) raw, but you can listen to all instruments clearly as well as the vocals. In fact, if we think about the recording quality of War Metal albums, “Flesh Consumed in the Battlefield” would please an audiophile. I close my review or thoughts by inviting you to read the interview here in order to get to know more about the band, how intelligent the members are and to listen to the music they have crafted. It’s amazing, in my humble opinion, of course. And please, if you end up liking Goatpenis music, please, do what is possible for you to support this band that has always been completely underground.





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Grade: 10/10



Band: Goatpenis



Album: Flesh Consumed in the Battlefield (2014)



Label: Deathangle Absolution Records





1. Battlefield Blood March

2. Strategic Anti-Life Bomber

3. Bellvm contra hvmanitatem

4. Dunkel Himmel

5. Effects of Radiation on Humans (Dosage of Radiation)

6. Extremely High Doses: 4000-5000 Rads (Radiation Exposure Vascular System)

7. Nuclear Proliferation

8. By Disgrace of God (By Disgrace of God cover)

9. Mutual Assured Destruction (M.A.D.)

10. R.I.O.D.O. (By Disgrace of God cover)

11. The Largest Stockpiles of Weapons

12. Bloody Battles (Suppurated Fetus cover)



Goatpenis is:



Sabbaoth – Vocals, Bass

Virrugus Apocalli – Guitars

Impaler – Drums



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November 9, 2014


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