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Gorgoroth – Instinctus Bestialis



It is said that music is the soundtrack of our lives. And if that’s true, Gorgoroth would take a huge part of this “album” when it comes to my personal living. During negative and better days, this Norwegian band has accompanied me. I remember that “Funeral Procession” was a song that I kept playing on repeat mode; it transported me away from the hard period I was living. For that, I am thankful to Gorgoroth.




With many line-up changes as well as controversies, the band has managed to keep the high quality and creativity when it comes to their Extreme Metal art creations, releasing amazing works throughout the years, again, one more time, with different musicians, being Infernus the core of the band. Obviously this is not easy, to maintain a high level in the musical creation process field, putting out interesting endeavors and, most of all, to simply keep a band alive. Indeed not an uncomplicated task, but sometimes taken for granted.




Another aspect that should be observed when writing an article about a band is that you have to try to be as much impartial as possible. And I say try because, as a human being, it’s difficult not to be taken away by the sentiments you have towards the music crafted by the artist. And, no matter what, if you are a critical admirer, in terms that you are not simply a blind fan, you’ll always come to the right conclusions. Right for your tastes, perhaps, but correct nevertheless. Having mentioned all of this, I sincerely believe that “Instinctus Bestialis” is a gem, an album that should please many, many Black Metal listeners.




From the start you are able to hear the bombardment that “Instinctus Bestialis” is, absolutely filled with killer riffs, distorted arpeggios and tremolo picking, painting a sonic landscape of darkness and desolation. At times, the music feels contemplative, mid-tempo, but yet utterly obscure and somber. Gorgoroth always manage to keep that menacing aura, a threatening mood masterfully. And still you have those abrupt breaks and tempo changes that works so perfectly for Gorgoroth.




And now for the vocals, this is the first album that Atterigner has provided his voice for Gorgoroth. If you’re familiar with Triumfall, there are no big surprises here. In my humble opinion, his vocals suited finely this release and, consequently, Gorgoroth’s music. They are more of the classic old-school Black Metal vocals, lower pitched, enunciated and clear, still harsh and powerful. When it comes to the drumming, you can always expect something of great competence from Tomas Asklund. In “Instinctus Bestialis”, he proves one more time to be a highly skilled drummer, it seems like the drumming is different in every single song, track to track, always fitting precisely the different moods of each song.




I have nothing but praises for this release. I’ve heard it seven times to write my thoughts and feelings concerning “Instinctus Bestialis”. It’s not that was flaw or imperfection was being searched, but I felt it was necessary, as I always do, to be able to give you a serious impression, not one that is rooted on the high technical aspects of the release, but rather on how the album feels and I simply concluded that “Instinctus Bestialis” is impeccable. Of course opinion may vary and I don’t question them, never, but I profoundly assume that this will be a remarkably esteemed work. Thinking better, as I don’t like to edit my texts so that they are as spontaneous as possible, yes, there’s one flaw here, the album ranks at 31 minutes. Pretty short, but this is expected when we are talking about a Gorgoroth release. Still, better half hour of impressive material than one hour of dull music.




My friends, I wish you were able to listen to this album sooner, but let’s be patient for the legal formats, please. It’s worth the wait, since this is a monumental, beautiful album. Gorgoroth is already a well-known name, but that doesn’t mean we should not support and promote them. That’s what I ask of you, if you are capable of buying the album, attend the concerts, whatever is possible for you in order to help keeping Gorgoroth alive, please, do so. I wholeheartedly trust you won’t regret at all.




As for some more information, “Instinctus Bestialis” will be released on June 8th 2015 on digipack CD (limited first pressing), limited black vinyl lp, limited picture vinyl lp and digitally. The album was recorded and mixed by drummer Thomas Asklund in Monolith Studio, produced by Infernus & Asklund and mastered at Cutting Room / Sweden by M. Lindfors, Infernus and Asklund. Guest appearances on lead guitar by Chris Cannella, Fabio Sperandio and Henrik Ekeroth.




Promo kindly provided by Sure Shot Worx.


Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Gorgoroth


Album: Instinctus Bestialis (2015)


Label: Soulseller Records




  1. Radix Malorum
  2. Dionysian Rite
  3. Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus
  4. Come Night
  5. Burn in His Light
  6. Rage
  7. Kala Brahman
  8. Awakening


Gorgoroth is:


Infernus – Guitars

Bøddel – Bass

Tomas Asklund – Drums

Atterigner – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


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April 24, 2015


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