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Heterodox – Elixir of Lethe



Hailing from one of the most beautiful, unique and cordial countries, New Zealand, Heterodox, in the band’s own words, are 3-piece band from Hawkes Bay, specializing in Heavy Doom-Groovin’ tunes. Heterodox are a gritty blend of heavy tones. I’ve always enjoyed the Doom/ Stoner/ Sludge genres and was looking forward to listening to “Elixir of Lethe”, as I haven’t been very familiar with the New Zealand metal community, something I must correct soon.


I’ll be straightforward, this is, in my modest view, an outstanding album, but it’s a grower, I advise not to listen to it one time only, but rather two, three times, paying attention to the music, to the details and you’ll be able to fully enjoy this release. At least this is what happened in my case, the first time I heard it, I though, okay, this is a good album, not fantastic, but a good album, then I decided to give it another shot and one more and I realized how excellent this “Elixir of Lethe” is.




The album’s mood/ pace change a lot during its execution, there are psychedelic moments, stoner and doomy, some hard rock, progressive rock/ metal, with an epic, but, at the same time, desolate mood. No, it’s not depressing or anything like that; I mean that common Doom atmosphere of like being in solitude on a wasteland. But, again, the album is far from being depressive. And, of course, neither cheerful. The vocals are another aspect that I’d like to call attention; they’re different from the “usual” Doom Metal bands, “cleaner”, if you know what I mean. The instrumental work is really, really impressive.


As for the production, you can hear all instruments, distinguishing each one, so, nothing to be observed here. And, as always, I ask you all to support the bands that are among the ones you enjoy, especially the case of today’s band, Heterodox. It’s not easy to keep a band alive, to release an album, to play gigs, rehearsal and to have families, jobs and studies. So, I ask you to do what you can for the bands you like. If you can purchase the album, awesome, if not, promote them by sharing the official pages on your Facebook or other social network pages.




Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Heterodox


Album: Elixir of Lethe (2014)


Label: Independent




1. Elixir of Lethe

2. Qualm

3. Imageless

4. Amorphus

5. Ascent


Heterodox is:


Floyd Pepper – Bass, Vocals

Jared Green – Drums

Luke Burns – Guitars, Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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September 21, 2014


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