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Hypothermia is a band that I have been following its works for over a decade, although the existence of this musical act dates to 2001. I have always been fascinated with the band’s musical view and approaches, always different and, in a way, dazzling. About five years ago, “Skogens hjärta”, their previous full-length album, was released and indeed I heard some of the best music in a while. It was a masterpiece. That, of course, is all my humble opinion. And I was eagerly awaiting for a new work, which saw the light of day this year, titled “Svartkonst”.




A few more information about them, if you are not already familiar already, Hypothermia is composed of Kim Carlsson, Richard Abrams and Hans Cools. Musicians that are or have been in bands such as Kall, Kilte Lifelover and Sitra Ahra, just to name a few. Starting with a Black Metal sound, Hypothermia “evolved” to a more of a Post-Metal direction. And if you check their discography, you’ll see they are indeed very experienced with five full-length-albums, eight splits, one EP and not counting the demos.




I have heard some mention that this is a Black Metal release, which lacks aggression and darkness. I humbly disagree; I do not see this as a Black Metal work, but rather an extreme metal album, taking influences from Post-Metal music and perhaps a bit of Black Metal when it comes to the guitars., and just at times. If you are looking for a classical or aggressive release of the mentioned style, then you will be disappointed, but if you want a hypnotic, almost mystical experience, this is what you should be listening.




Yes, the music is repetitive, bleak and many times slow, but this is a good description or better, representation of depression. An oppressive feel, hopelessness and a void that cannot be filled, as the days go by, everything is the same, the same despair and misery. I believe we all interpret music differently, due to our current mood, backgrounds, many different variations, but that is how I feel about “Svartkonst”, an album that represents pure negativity, desolation and sombreness.




Although what was previously states, you can also feel that there is passion in the music, a fiery work in the melancholic, but also ardent guitars. The entire album is very atmospheric, with a slow, but quite well fitting drumming while the guitars are blended, while one is calmer, harmonized, the other creates an effect of fierceness, alienation. And still, the music does sound alluring, soothing and exquisite. Despite the lack of vocals, just to let you know, you will not miss them, as the music created by Hypothermia entices the listener; it dazzles and enchants you.




“Svartkonst”’s production is fine for this type of music; it is not completely clean, but neither lo-fi, but polished enough to be fully enjoyed. And, as always, I invite you to check their music, legally, please, the band and the label have made it available via Soundcloud, and if you like what you hear, please, I urge you to support and/ or promote this fascinating band.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Hypothermia


Album: Svartkonst (2015)


Label: Agonia Records



  1. Invokation
  2. Svartkonst
  3. Efterglöd
  4. Regnvals
  5. Vy


Hypothermia is:


Kim Carlsson – Vocals, Guitars

Richard Abrams – Drums

Hans Cools – Guitars


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


All photos belong to their rightful owners (Epunkt Photography, Marc de Krosse, etc.).

May 19, 2015


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  1. A says:

    Great album. If you aren’t cold yourself you may not get it…if you see what I mean.

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