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Infestus – The Reflecting Void



I’m deeply sorry if you don’t like the Black Metal genre, I know I review many bands of this musical style, but, even though I always try to be impartial, Black Metal (and its subgenres) is my favorite. And, today, we’ve got another Black Metal album to be “reviewed” or better, to share some of my thoughts about it in this website. The band I’m talking about is Infestus, a one man band from Germany, now located in Austria. Here are some words about the band taken from the official biography: The demon Infestus rose from the ashes of the formation Dunkelfront in 2003. Thereafter, Infestus developed into something more than just a musical appearance in this world. It turned into an entity which totally embodies Andras and Dagons anti-social, mind- and life- devastating disease with more efficiency and devotion than ever before. In 2014, recordings for the upcoming album “The Reflecting Void” took place. Andras once again composed everything himself and performed on every single instrument on this album. No other musicians, no drum-computer. The very definition of a solo project.




As I often do when sharing my thoughts, I’ll first let you know the feelings, the atmosphere of the album, and on the next paragraph, I’ll talk about the music itself. My friends, here we indeed have, as many already states, a very sophisticated release, elegant, exquisite and grandiose. Yet, “The Reflecting Void” is savage, violent, filled with hatred, crushing and energetic. I’m not talking about “silly” hatred music, but something deeper, more “spiritual”. I should also add that, in my humble opinion, what we have here is a release of pretty, pure, and still unconventional Black Metal that has highly impressed me with its transcendental mood and spectacular quality.




When it comes to the music itself, I truthfully believe that there’s nothing generic here. Sure, in my modest view, Infestus created his own music, his own style, well, what I’m trying to say is that the music is unique, authentic, but in a few parts it reminded me of the almighty Deathspell Omega, see, reminded me only, not that the band is “cloning” other sounds, far, far from that. And the fact that Andras created it all by himself is even more impressive. The guitars, at times feel melancholic and then furious, fast, heavy, filled with tremolo picking and formidable riffs; the vocals are amazing, his shrieks are filled with hatred and agony; great, powerful drumming (and real drumming I should point it one more time). I’m giving you this brief description of the music because it’s so complex and spectacular that I’d need pages and pages to talk about it. I have to admit, I am very impressed and, why not, happy with “The Reflecting Void”.




The production of the album is nothing more than admiring, polished and clear, another positive aspect of “The Reflecting Void”. All I have to say now is what I often (not really often, actually in all my posts) ask you all, please, give Infestus a try, check the music and, if you like it, do what you are able to in order to help supporting the band, the music that Andras created. That’s the only way we’ll keep this amazing musical genre alive.




Have a good day.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Infestus


Album: The Reflecting Void (2014)


Label: Debemur Morti Productions




1. A Dying Dream

2. Spiegel der Seele

3. Constant Soul Corrosion

4. Cortical Spreading Darkness

5. Fractal Rise of the Fall

6. Innere Reflexion

7. Devouring Darkness

8. Origin


Infestus is:


Andras – Everything


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


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December 2, 2014


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