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Ionic Bond – Amavashya Lore



Today I will be sharing some thoughts about a Bangladeshi band. However, how is the scene in this country? Well, from what I have heard and read it is quite big, with many bands to be discovered. I admit that I am not that familiar with it, but as I am always willing to learn more and more, some friends from the mentioned nation are teaching me about it.




In fact, Bangladesh is one country that I would like to visit someday. I consider myself a citizen of the world, as I find travelling perhaps the most rewarding experience; it is something that no one can take it from you. Unless, of course, and hopefully never, your mind is gone. My friends, what I am telling you is that, whenever you can, travel, visit countries that are not in the touristy lists. With planning, you will see that, even though there is so much ugliness in the world, mostly caused by men, there is also so many beauties to delight your eyes.




Well, I digress. I think that if you are already a familiar reader of this website, you will have already realized that my like that my writings “sound” like a conversation with you. About anything that could, somehow, relate to the band’s work. Again, I digress. The band I am talking about is Ionic Bond and they hail from Chittagong. “Amavashya Lore” is their début album, released now in 2015.




Well, my cherished readers, this is a very solid, a very good début album. Ionic Bond has mentioned that the band plays Melodic Death Metal Band with New Classical and modern sound influence. You can clearly sense some of their main influences, such as Children of Bodom, Kalmah and Norther, but, as I always like to state, it is not simply a carbon copy of these bands. Their lyrics are also an interesting aspect, dealing with politics, human feelings, culture and Bengali Myths and Folklore.




“Amavashya Lore” sounds heavy, bombastic, with some symphonic touches and a bit of folk here and there. And I must say that it feels well-composed and engaging, very stimulating and a refreshing sound. The music is intense, with a vibrant notation and leads that are indeed thrilling. The vocals range from the raspy shrieks characteristic of the genre up to deep growls, truly varied and still “passing by” some clean vocalizations as well. I have always been an admirer of Melodic Death Metal, but, from some time, I grew a bit tired out of the genre because there was nothing new, but with this “new” generation of bands, Ionic Bond included, I am hopeful and pleased with this musical style once again.




The album’s atmosphere is also to be praised; there is something special about it, powerful and energetic, the keyboards help in this creation. In fact, I must say that all instrumentals here are very well placed and played. The whole composition sounds fine and sentimental, something that I particularly find important in music with beautiful classical interludes. One more time, I am highly impressed with this début album and I sincerely hope that more people will try it.




When it comes to the production, I really do not have anything else to add. At least, to my ears, all sound well recorded and balanced. Of course, nothing is perfect, but this is a stunning album that deserves a broad audience. And that’s what I ask of you now, my good friends, to give this band a try and if you like their music, please, find a way to support and/ or promote Ionic Bond.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Ionic Bond


Album: Amavashya Lore (2015)


Label: Incursion Music




  1. Prologue
  2. Searchlight Kill
  3. My Cyborg Mind
  4. Victory Song
  5. The Judgement Machine
  6. The Lake Ran Red
  7. Amavashya Lore
  8. We Are the Forever
  9. Crush the Iron Dome
  10. The Lake Ran Red (Reprise)
  11. Warborn Rhymes


Ionic Bond is:


Abedin Sayef – Keyboards

Ainan – Drums

Tanvir – Guitars (rhythm)

Asif – Bass

Tanjeeb – Guitars

Mir Hisham – Vocals


Official Bandcamp:


Official Facebook:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

May 23, 2015


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