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As there’s an interview with the band here, I don’t believe it’s necessary to introduce this band to you, my cherished readers, but, please, allow me to talk a bit about my feelings towards their music in general, including Lifelover. The music created by these musicians, since the birth and tragic demise of Lifelover has helped me through rough times. I remember when I heard Pulver in 2006, I admit that I only bought the album at first because of the cover art, I simply felt in love; there was something magical in the sense that they had created music that was honest, different and very sentimental. I did enjoy the experimentation on the album as well. Since then I’ve been following Lifelover as well as Kall and Vanhelga. If you’d like to know a bit more about the band, please, read the interview I’ve mentioned before.




Now I’d like to talk about what I felt when listening to the band’s self-titled début album, Kall. For me, again, this is only my modest view, I’m simply an admirer of their music and not a huge and famous journalist, well, I digress, again, for me, it’s incredible how they maintained the Lifelover aura, mood, atmosphere, but not simply sounding the same as their former band. The music is depressive, authentic, unique, passionate, just like the music they have crafted, but, instead of taking the easy way, they decided to release something “different”. Obviously there are some reminiscences, but frankly, I find it impossible for a musician to simply “erase”, for the lack of a better word, all of his/ hers influences, moods, life history and everything that convey into the artistic process. I’ve read the first review on this album and I find it very interesting to see how their music touch people in similar ways, this is the kind of release that uplifts me, I can’t explain why, but, at the same time, I feel the despair and anguish that are presented in Kall.




Before I talk about the music itself, let me just clarify one thing here, I write all my thoughts in a row in order for them to be always authentic and represent my true emotions over the music, I don’t proofread them afterwards, I just want them to truly show my inner reactions to the songs and not a scientific article. About the music, even though I’ve mentioned that Kall’s music touches people in similar ways, I also believe that this is an innermost personal experience, the way you interpret it and that’s why I believe that describing music isn’t really important. In my humble opinion, what matters are, one more time, the way this album made you feel, what you perceived from it, the landscapes that Kall has created. Desolation, grief, agony and misery perhaps could be described as some of these feelings, but Kall’s music surely sound like something they have experienced, they have lived and authentic, which in my opinion is utterly important. You know the band, you know what to expect and let me tell you, my friends, Kall doesn’t disappoint, they have created a masterpiece of pain, suffering adversity and negativity.




As for the album’s production, if you’re familiar with Lifelover’s works, there’s no surprise. For me, this is a well produced album, but then again, I’m not an audiophile, although I truly believe that there’s nothing negative about in this field. I finish my thoughts, as this isn’t a review, but rather, my simple reflections on the release, by asking you all to check the album at Bandcamp and, if you enjoy the real music Kall has crafted, please, find a way to support them. I know that for many, in this world we are living nowadays, it’s not possible to make purchases, but there are many other ways to help a band, you can share their pages, spread the word, well, anything you believe will support Kall.




Have a good day.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Kall


Album: Kall (2014)


Label: Independent




1. Ingång

2. Mycelium veins

3. Försök till förstörelse

4. Brytpunkt

5. En ljusare morgondag

6. Descending ascension

7. Interludium

8. Varelsen

9. Far väl


Kall is:






Phil A. Cirone.


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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October 12, 2014


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