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Kauan – Pirut

Kauan describes their sound as “intelligent music based on viola, choirs, slow piano melodies with post doom metal influence, ambient vibes and neo-classic taste.” Sounds promising, doesn’t it? This time I’m reviewing the band’s latest effort, Pirut (which means Devils in Finnish). If you enjoy this album, you can either buy the digital version on Blood Music’s bandcamp website or the digipack CD. The limited LP is long gone.


Well, first I’ll describe how I felt listening Pirut and for that I’ll quote a song by the band Empyrium:


“Languid moonshine I bath my skin in thee

O may thy beauty be revealed in me.

Silent winds, whisper to me

thy songs of solitude and joy…”


For me it is a very hard task condensing all the feelings I had while listening to Pirut. I just lost myself away while the album was played. I got lost into the music and forgot about the world around me. Kauan really took me away to another dimension. When I first started listening to Pirut, I was sitting on an armchair, but after a while, I had to lay down.


The music is hunting, ethereal, atmospheric and it indeed combines all the elements of ambient, doom, post-metal, some black metal, with the lyrics being in Finnish. Add all of this and you have an enigmatic, emotional sound. As I often use on my reviews, when deserved, of course, this is pure beauty, pure elegance. It is really a journey, a journey so rich that it’s very hard to describe. If you enjoy (not too) experimental music, with true feelings, beautiful passages, the type of music that makes you drift away, that flows well, this is the album for you!


Some say that Pirut isn’t a groundbreaking release. It really isn’t. But how many real groundbreaking releases we see? How many of those there actually are? What matters, in my humble opinion, is that this album is simply amazing. No less than that.


And now for the production, everything is crystal clear. You can hear all the instruments very well. I don’t think anyone would complain about it, except for some extreme audiophile only, hehe. Apart from the regular metal instruments, you do have cello and violins, turning this sound even more epic and yet atmospheric and melancholic at the same time…


It is stated that in February, 2013, while the band was mixing the album in their hometown of Chelyabinsk, Russia, an asteroid entered the Earth’s atmosphere and crashed into the area. This caused production delays and put a hold on finishing the album, until the band was certain that they and their family members had not contracted radiation poisoning. The experience of the meteor was the main inspiration for the album’s cover and inner artwork. That’s a very interesting fact, isn’t it? Of course dangerous, but it added some more atmosphere into the release.


And to end this review, I’d like to invite you to support Kauan. All of their releases, including Pirut, are able to be downloaded via Bandcamp with name-your-price. And you can obviously order the physical versions as well. Give them a chance, this band really deserves.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Kauan

Album: Pirut (2013)


Label: Blood Music


Track list:


1. I

2. II

3. III

4. IV

5. V

6. VI

7. VII



Kauan is:


Anton Belov – Vocals

Anatoly Gavrilov – Viola

Alina Roberts – Keyboards, Vocals (backing)

Anton Skrynnik – Drums

Alex Vynogradoff – Bass, Vocals (backing)


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:

April 30, 2014


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