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Khors – Night Falls onto the Fronts of Ours



I have mentioned on previous reviews here that the Ukrainian metal scene is indeed highly interesting and rich. Although it has been far more recognized than ten or fifteen years ago, I believe that there’s much more room for praise and recognition. Several qualitative and creative bands hail from there, some of them can be even considered “famous” when it comes to extreme metal, but there are others that still haven’t reached the level of appreciation and respect they deserve.




Khors obviously is among the bands that already has been regarded as a force in the Ukrainian metal scene, but that is entitled to much higher appreciation, as they have always, that in my humble opinion, of course, released compelling creations of pure heathen refinement. With six-full-length albums in their discography, Khors has just released their new petard, named “І ніч схиляється до наших лиць” or “Night Falls onto the Fronts of Ours”, which I’ll share some thoughts about.




First of all, I’ll talk about the language, the band sings in their native idiom. I personally find this a plus, something special, as it’s fascinating to hear how intense and distinguished the vocals sound. I know that we simply can’t understand several languages, but hey, we can always try to translate the lyrics and, if not, it adds a certain mystery as well. While on the lyrics, I guess I should talk about the vocals, they sound absolutely perfect for Khor’s creations, very anguished, harsh and embittered. And, as I’ve already cited, the Ukrainian idiom has a strong feel, it sounds very imposing when sung.




In a way contrasting to the fierce vocals, we have a melancholic and atmospheric mood in practically the whole album. Not as in a depressive metal band, but rather as in a disenchanted, rancorous and bitter way. Almost as in “enraged”. And at the same time, there’s this sense of pride, of dignity and honesty that has always been present in Khors works. While the music does sound very dark, you can sense some almost mystical, magical aspects within the atmosphere created by the band, but no, never in a vulgar style, in fact with taste and refinement. And something that I find utterly important is that the music is created with passion, with soul, with honesty. I truly believe that this can be sensed while listening to “Night Falls onto the Fronts of Ours”.




Those that are regular readers of this website, you’re already aware that I prefer to write about how the album “feels” instead of analyzing technical aspects. I enjoy sharing with you the feelings transmitted by the release and, with that, give you a little different way of seeing the album. And I can assure you, my friends, “Night Falls onto the Fronts of Ours” is stunning, powerful and exquisite. While being sorrowful, it is still vigorous and mighty. Khors blends many different influences and styles with grace and talent, showing us what an outstanding this band is able to reach.




As for the album’s production, a top-notch work, nothing else to mention. My cherished readers, I invite you all to get to know a bit more about Khors, if you haven’t already and check out their latest album. There are always legal ways to do so. And, if you happen to like what you heard, I sure hope so, I ask of you to, please, find a way that is possible for you in order to support and or promote this unique band.




Take care.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Khors


Album: І ніч схиляється до наших лиць (Night Falls onto the Fronts of Ours) (2015)


Label: Candlelight Records




  1. Ні клятв, ні сліз, ні колін! (No Oaths No Tears No Knees!)
  2. Долина мертвих птахів (Dead Birds Valley
  3. Шляхом кривавих доріг (Following the Ways of Blood)
  4. І ніч схиляється до наших лиць (Night Falls onto the Fronts of Ours)
  5. 1664
  6. Востаннє (For the Last Time)
  7. Струнке павутиння самотності (Slight Web Solitude)
  8. Мій козацький шлях (My Cossack Way)


Khors is:


Khorus – Bass

Khaoth – Drums

Helg – Guitars, Vocals

Jurgis – Guitars, Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


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April 25, 2015


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