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Yet another band from Iceland; and I say this is a positive way. Almost all bands that are originally from this country have pleased me with their uniqueness, be them metal or not. Sure, there must be some not up to standards musicians there, like everywhere else, but when we get to know that what we are about to hear is Icelandic, we expect something special. And this can be a double edged sword, as I think we have high expectations for their creations, since the quality of the music that comes from this nation is usually very high.




Today I’ll be commenting on how the latest Kontinuum album feels, its moods and tastes, so to speak. I got to know their work quite recently, with the release of “Earth Blood Magic” in 2012, an album that was very captivating and exceptionally enthralling. It was different, raw, organic, and, one more time, unique in its own way. And now Kontinuum offers us a new endeavor, titled “Kyrr”, an album that I think many of us were awaiting with much anticipation.




My friends, after listening to it five times, not in a row, I have to say, this is a breathtaking craftsmanship. Indeed it’s reasonably different from their previous creation, but still, maintaining its artistry, refinement and allure. Well, at least this is how I feel over Kontinuum’s music, but different moments, moods, backgrounds may differ our opinions. To believe you have the “final words” about how the music “feels” is such a foolish thought. For me, “Kyrr” is an amalgamation of delightful compositions, exuberant in emotions and atmospheres. The music is indeed like a pleasant dream, caressing your “soul” with a dazzling imagery.




Musically speaking, the album focus on atmospheric rock, post-rock and progressive, as well as ambient, turning their music, from an experimental post-metal to a more soothing, into calming, hypnotic creation, almost with a spacey aura, that for the most part of the album. In my humble opinion, “Kyrr” is the perfect work for a walk around when you need to get your thoughts together. Emotional music, constructed with quality and honesty, crafted with beauty. “Kyrr”, in my modest view, is a gorgeous melancholic journey. I can’t stress enough how splendid this album is.




The production is, much like the music, a bit “airy”, “spacious”, well-balanced and recorded. Not perfect, but what is anyways… all in all, a fine work, what makes the experience of enjoying “Kyrr” even more pleasant. So, my friends, those were just some modest thoughts about Kontinuum’s latest release. I am indeed very impressed and glad to see that the band is looking for new directions, but still managing to keep their qualitative and creative compositions. I invite you know to listen to their music, you can do it legally, please, and if you happen to like it, I beg of you to support and/ or promote them in any way that is viable for you at the moment.




I wish you all the best… until next time.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Kontinuum


Album: Kyrr (2015)


Label: Candlelight Records




  1. Breathe
  2. Í Huldusal
  3. Hliðargötu-heimsveldi
  4. Kyrr
  5. Undir þunnu skinni
  6. Lone
  7. In Shallow Seas
  8. Red Stream


Kontinuum is:


Engilbert Hauksson – Bass

Kristján Gudmundsson – Drums

Thorlakur Thor Gudmundsson – Guitars

Ingi Þór Pálsson – Guitars

Birgir Thorgeirsson – Vocals, Guitars


Official Bandcamp:


Official Facebook:


All photos belong to their rightful owners (arnaarnardottir, among others).

May 3, 2015


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