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Undoubtedly Krieg was and is one of the most important and one of the leading acts in the United States Black Metal scene. Having created classics such as “The Black House”, this band has always been an object of interest for those that enjoy USBM. As stated on Krieg’s Bandcamp page: Silent for nearly four years, US black metal icons Krieg present their seventh full length recording, Transient. Metal Sucks says of the foursome, Krieg “is all about mood. And that mood is suffocating and bleak.” Blabbermouth calls band leader/found Imperial (aka Neil Jamison), “a master of the sonic conveyance of dread and hopelessness.”




First of all, yes, I fucking loved the album, it’s, in my humble opinion, one of Krieg’s finest works. It sounds very cold, utterly bleak (as already mentioned), filled with misery and anguish, claustrophobic mood and despair. I believe what you feel that is present in a release is very personal, but I do find it important to share the impact of an album to this person and how it personally feels. Transient is devastating, negative, grim and evil, as Black Metal should be and, at the same time, artistic, creative and dramatic. What an outstanding release.




When it comes to the music, the guitars, in my modest view, are freaking stunning, so beautifully composed, almost “touching” Post-Metal, but still being brutal and aggressive. This is incredible, my friends, they sound so passionate, real, and intense. There is some experimentation on the album as well, but nothing that was added just to sound weird, but rather to create this chaotic, wretched and distressed atmosphere. N. Jameson’s vocals are also to be praised; they are different than the “average” Black Metal screams/ shrieks/ raspy singing, almost like whispers, it’s filled with rage and sorrow, representing deep and somber of his inner self. I can’t praise enough all the musicians that are a part of this album, because, in my humble opinion, Transient is truly a work of art. All of their contributions shine through. It’s just alluring, astonishing and relatable.




As for the album’s production, “Transient” is nothing shorter than commendable. All instruments and vocals are fully enjoyable by the listener, clean and crisp. And last, but not least, my dear readers, please, I urge you all to support this band. Help them the way you’re able to, purchase the album, the merchandise… can’t do it now? We all know how the world is truly fucked up this moment and it’s completely understandable, but there are always other opinions, share their pages, let your metal listeners friends know about the new release, simply spread the word. All help is needed and welcomed.




Have a good day.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Krieg


Album: Transient (2014)


Label: Candlelight Records




1. Order of the Solitary Road

2. Circling the Drain

3. Return Fire

4. To Speak With Ghosts

5. Atlas With a Broken Arm

6. Time

7. Winter (Amebix cover)

8. Walk With Them Unnoticed

9. Ruin Our Lives

10. Home

11. Gospel Hand


Krieg is:


J. Dost – Drums

N. Jameson – Vocals, Various instruments

A. Poole – Guitars

D. Sykes – Bass

D. Zdanavage – Guitars


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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December 17, 2014


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