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Lamúria Abissal/ Born an Abomination – Spilled into This Disgrace of World





We have a Split-album by to Depressive Black Metal bands to be talked about here on Metal Maniac today. The two bands that created this artifact of sorrow are Lamúria Abissal and Born an Abomination. About Born an Abomination, here are some words by the band: Born An Abomination is an Experimental Black/Doom Metal Band From Illinois consisting of Damian (Instruments/Vocals) and Tony (Vocals) Born An Abomination uses different elements in our music such as Chorus Like Clean Vocals and Symphonic Elements as well. We are inspired by alot of Depressive suicidal Black Metal, Post-Rock, Depressive Rock, Shoegaze, and Black Metal bands too. And the same goes for Lamúria Abissal: Brazilian Depressive Suicidal Black Metal since 2011, founded by Thy Despair and Pale with influences of Shining, Nyktalgia, Thy Light, Depressive Years, Wintercult, Unjoy and others…


Segunda Arte


First I’ll talk about Lamúria Abissal’s music. We have here an atmosphere of despair, of hopelessness and the uttermost genuine sadness. The vocals are almost hysterical, but I guess influenced by the anguish and insanity of the music. The music is magnificent, well-crafted, but, at the same time, it completely dissects the misery, sorrow, pain and melancholy that are caused by depression. As I always point out, this is a serious illness and not some sort of excuse for weak ones not to face the world. It’s a state that you simply see no hope and you have no will to live, even though you want to change this. These feelings are truly represented in Lamúria Abissal’s music. It is disturbing, but remarkable and special. This has become one of my favorite bands.




Now I shall share my thoughts on Born an Abomination. Sure, I know these are brief descriptions, but they are from the heart, what I truly feel about the music and let me tell you once again, my cherish readers, I don’t like long “reviews”, at first they seem interesting, but after a while, they become a bit boring. That is in my humble opinion, of course, but I digress. Born an Abomination’s music is slower, mid-tempo extreme metal with the use of clean vocals, shrieks and growls. Very atmospheric and sad as well. The band uses piano as well, which creates an elegant and gloomy atmosphere in their music. I’ve mentioned that they have a “slower” music, but there are parts in which you can hear some insanely fast riffs that are almost taken from power metal bands. An eclectic and unique work.




As for the production, Lamúria Abissal has a very clean, crisp quality, while Born an Abomination has more of a lo-fi, dungeon sounding one, so, I believe this split, when it comes to production will be able to please those that enjoy a more clear production and those that prefer something more old-school. My final words are the same ones I always post, please, my dear friends, give both bands a chance and, if you like their music, support them the way that is possible for you. Can’t purchase anything now? It’s all right in my book, the world’s economy is really fucked up, but you can always spread the word, tell your friends, share their pages, I don’t know, whatever you believe will help both bands.




Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Bands: Lamúria Abissal/ Born an Abomination


Album: Spilled into This Disgrace of World (Split – 2014)


Label: No Remorse Records




1. Born an Abomination – Depression

2. Born an Abomination – Traumatization by My Mind

3. Lamúria Abissal – Esmorecido Solstício da Morte

4. Lamúria Abissal – Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit


Lamúria Abissal is:


Pale – All instruments

Thy Despair – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Reverbnation:


Born an Abomination is:


Damián Antón Ojeda – Guitars, Bass, Drum programming, Piano, Vocals

Tony Hicks – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Reverbnation:


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December 24, 2014


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