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Mandatory is a melodic death/ thrash metal band from Linz in Austria. Between thrash influenced riff-machine Mike and progressive metal enthusiast Chris, the band creates a tight and technically proficient sound with an aggressive drive, while still leaving space for catchy guitar hooks and melodies. Delivering a professional and entertaining live performance has always been a top priority for Mandatory which was rewarded when they won the International Live Award in 2011 – a prize that approximately 1.000 bands from 6 different countries battled for.




These Austrians play a Death/ Thrash Metal with Modern Metal influences, very fast, powerful, exciting and thrilling. There’s progressiveness, catchiness, killer riffs, awesome drumming, all very brutal, destructive, it makes you feel like headbanging all the away and destroying everything in front of you. Melodic and impressive, this is a band that doesn’t sound like any other Modern Metal bands.




I have to admit that I’m not really a fan of Modern Metal influence, but this album really pleased me, for its ferocity and anger. Since I’m not an specialist on this genre, I’d like to quote the following words from the band’s promo, which I believe describes their sound much better than I would, since, I repeat myself, this is a genre that I’m not too familiar: “The technically skilled quintet combines up-to-date vocal-lines, heavy, göteborg-style riffs with a pinch of nordic darkness, creating their own individual sound, performed on a very high level” – that’s what Metal Hammer Magazine had to say about Mandatory’s first full length album “Carbon Black”. Their upcoming effort Catharsis sets the bar even higher: neckbreaking riffs, highly intense vocals and even more shredding and complexity!




The album’s production is outstanding; you are able to fully enjoy the music produced by Mandatory. So, my cherished readers, I invite you all to check this band and if you like their music, I sure as hell did, even though I usually don’t listen to this metal genre, please, find a way to support this band, purchase the album and/ or spread the word about Mandatory.




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Grade: 9,0/10


Bands: Mandatory


Album: Catharsis (2014)


Label: Independent




1. End of Watch

2. Act I: Traged

3. To the Streets

4. Emperor

5. Act II: Catharsis

6. Shadowmaker

7. For the World to See

8. Act III: Purification

9. Blueprint


Catharsis is:


Leo Wolfmayr – Bass

Mike Pfaffenhuemer – Drums, Vocals (clean)

Chris Hörmann – Guitars, Vocals (backing)

Manuel “Mani” Rohrauer – Guitars, Vocals (backing)

Markus Hundsberger – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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December 25, 2014


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