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Meadows End returns in great style. After the amazing “The Sufferwell”, the Swedes present us with a new full-length album titled “Sojourn”. I have reviewed the last album, interviewed the band and I must admit that I am a fan of their music. Besides that, they all seem to be great people. However, as always, I must be impartial and let you know my true feelings concerning the release.


Yes, as I have said they are indeed great guys, but, after listening one more time to their music, particularly and obviously Sojourn, I conclude that they are also talented musicians. We are delighted with a long, but pleasurable journey of more than one hour of music in a 12 songs epic concept album. As Meadows End has stated these songs were originally recorded and released on various different demos and EPs between 1999 and 2006. Songs which the band later on still thought had too much potential to just be forgotten. A decision was made to rearrange, re-record and release them as the band’s third full-length album.


Meadows End - Sojourn - Band


I am glad that they decided to “re-release” these songs. They are filled with emotion, power and beauty. I find it especially interesting when bands blend brutality with, again, beauty. It feels like an alluring spell, that attracts you into its dazzling atmosphere. Nevertheless, this album is not only about refinement and charm; we have compelling, vigorous music here, filled with energetic moments. It is very exciting. It is emotional. It is real. And that’s what is important when it comes to music, notably with metal, that in my humble opinion, of course.


Sojourn is abundant in rich composition, different moods and tempos, mixing slow, enticing moments, with fast, furious parts. Great orchestrations, distinguishing guitars, excellent vocals, actually, everything works so fine that it would be unfair not to congratulate everyone that participated in the creation of this album. Moreover, be sure that they are not simply another Melodic Death Metal band. Not at all. Meadows End is an edgy act, which fuses different styles, a band that is not afraid to experiment. They do not create pragmatic music.




At times ethereal, at times majestic as well as completely merciless and rough, this hypnotic and highly technical album needs to be heard by anyone that is slightly interested in good music. Do you get what I mean? It should be heard by everyone. Give them a chance; I sincerely believe you will not be disappointed. We never know, you might not enjoy it as much as I did, but you will also conclude that, even though this might not be your musical style, Meadows End has interesting ideas and they are indeed, as I have mentioned before, talented musicians.


As for the production, all sounds clear, well balanced and recorded. Another plus. Someone, please, please, give these guys a good contract, they deserve to be signed to a label and to tour, performing their outstanding music to their due deserved crowd.


Meadows End - Sojourn - Cover


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Meadows End

Album: Sojourn (2016)

Label: Self-released


Track list:


  1. Amidst the Villains
  2. Remnants
  3. Nightmare’s Reef (Area of Thieves)
  4. Heathens’ Embrace
  5. Soulslain
  6. Deadlands
  7. End of Fallens
  8. All of Them
  9. Angel Dreams (Elven Dreams)
  10. Clench the Feet of Fools
  11. Forever Haven
  12. My Leading Command


Meadows End is:


Johan Brandberg – Vocals

Jan Dahlberg – Guitars

Robin Mattsson – Keyboards & Orchestrations

Mats Helli – Bass guitar

Daniel Tiger – Drums

Rikard Öqvist – Guitars & Violin. Left the band due to other obligations after Sojourn was recorded.


Official Facebook:

Official Website:


February 21, 2016


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