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Missiles of October – Don’t Panic



A band that hails form Belgium today… I know lots of bands that are originally from this country, but I believe I know more beers, as I love them. I should correct this, as one of the first bands that “got” me into Extreme Metal about twenty year ago was a band from Belgium. Well, I digress, it’s too late here, I have worked all day long, can’t sleep, so I decided to listen to Missiles of October one more time and share my thoughts about the album, but, first, a little bit about them, as stated in the band’s official biography: Missiles of October is a Belgian band formed in beginning of 2012 by: Bob Seytor, Mathias Salas and Lionel Beyet. These 3 there play a dirty rock, heavy and powerful! sludge vs punk vs noise rock! for fans of Unsane, Les thugs, Mc Lusky, Unwound… In +/- 50 crazy gigs (in less than one year) in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany , they get an impressive live reputation.




I think it’s always a must for a person that is going to share their opinions about an album to listen to it several times, five, seven times and one more while typing your review. And I say this in order for us not to be unfair to the bands. Look at the case of Missiles of October, at first; I thought that it was a nice album, but almost a bit generic, not of my taste. But when I heard it for more times, I freaking loved it; it’s, in my humble opinion, of course, an outstanding release composed of a dirty and powerful noise, sludge, punk and metal blend. It’s sooo good! The music is fast, heavy, well-composed, thrilling, lively, provocative and impressive.




I only imagine how one of Missiles of October concert must be, as the music doesn’t let you keep yourself quiet, it runs in you like an electric shock, simply overwhelming. With annihilating riffs, blast-beasts, dirty screaming vocals (just a bit hardcorish), they create an atmosphere of decay, but also of truthfulness and criticism. Hell, one of the aspects of this album that I also find very interesting is the fact that the song titles represents the music/ song feelings so well. A vicious and furious release that surely needs and deserves to be heard by more listeners.




The production of the album is very, very good, nothing to be observed here other this, I believe. And now the only remaining words are the ones I’m always adding on my reviews/ thoughts: please, check this band, they’re, in my modest view, outstanding, and if you enjoy their music, help Missiles of October with what you are able to. Can’t purchase an album? Spread the word about them… all help is welcomed.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Missiles of October


Album: Don’t Panic (2014)


Label: P.O.G.O. Rds (Fr/be), Dingleberry Rds (De), Bonobo Stomp (Fr), At War with False Noise (UK)




1. A1 – Don’t panic

2. A2 – Music for hangover

3. A3 – Two feet in sludge

4. A4 – Become an asshole

5. A5 – Wannabe

6. B1 – Cheerleader

7. B2 – Six pack

8. B3 – Addiction

9. B4 – Dead body

10. B5 – Dance with me

11. B6 – You pray a world of shit


Missiles of October is:


Lionel Beyet – Bass & Scream
Bob Seytor – Drums
Mathias Salas – Guitar & Scream


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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November 8, 2014


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