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Monolord – Vaenir



The Swedish Doom Metal band Monolord was founded in 2013 in Gothenburg, as a side project as a way to play some heavier tunes. As stated by the band, the bandmates realized that they had something special between them and so Monolord became a “real” band very quick, recording already in the year of their foundation, with the début full-length album being released in 2014. Now “Vænir”, their sophomore work.




For quite a while, I have been listening to the magical genre that is Doom Metal, which is one of the most passionate genres in music, I humbly believe. And as the band felt about themselves, there’s something special about Doom Metal, it takes your mind to different places, while creating different moods with an overwhelming impact in sentiments, in emotions. It is an extraordinary experience to enjoy a good Doom Metal record. In addition, as it happens when it comes to extreme metal, Doom Metal is very diverse; unlike some that are not familiar with this spectacular genre might think.




What can I really say… this is a great release; if you are looking for something crushing and heavy, but still ethereal and exquisite, “Vænir” is the artefact you need. Slow, cold and loud, it is truly a soundtrack to a supernatural event. There is also an epic feeling throughout the work as well, an imposing aura that, one more time, crushing you. A ritualistic atmosphere is present here as well, turning this work even more haunting and hypnotic. It is highly interesting how the music crafted in this work penetrates your soul.




I have already used this phrase in an older review, but I guess it completely suits how “Vænir” feels like: a flow of magma coming in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption. Beautiful, dense and yet dangerous and powerful. The vocals sound eerie, like calling you to jump from the pit they are being originated from, while the guitars are orgiastic, resonant, leading you into this decadent trip. The bass is meaty, deep and electrifying, echoing through this foray. Meditative and massive, “Vænir” is a vigorous and robust work that should impress any Doom Metal listener.




As for the production of this release, I think that I can safely say that it is a fine work, all well-balanced and well-recorded, a bit lo-fi, but this adds a particular taste to the music. All in all, nothing here that I believe should be criticized at all. Of course, the results may differ from people to people, but I truthfully consider this a fine work of extreme metal art. And now, my cherished friends, I invite you all to check Monolord’s music, which you can do legally and, if you become interested in their work, please, I ask of you to support and or promote this band in any way that is possible for you. They truly deserve.




Take care.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Monolord


Album: Vænir (2015)


Label: RidingEasy Records




  1. Cursing the One
  2. We Will Burn
  3. Nuclear Death
  4. Died a Million Times
  5. The Cosmic Silence
  6. Vænir


Monolord is:


Mika Häkki – Bass

Esben Willems – Drums

Thomas V. Jäger – Guitars, Vocals


Official Bandcamp:


Official Facebook:


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May 11, 2015


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