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Morodh – The World of Retribution



If you are one of the dear regular reader of this website, yes, I cherish and thank you all for reading this form of escapism of daily life and a way to support the bands I admire, you’ll already know that I highly enjoy Black Metal, practically all sub-genres, same with Depressive Black, and the Russian scene. And here we have a Russian Depressive Black Metal release to share my thoughts from the band Morodh.




Please, allow me to quote their biography for you to get to know a bit more about the band: The name MORODH was taken from “The Rose of the World”, a book of the Russian poet and mystic Daniil Andreev, where this is the name of one of the retribution worlds in which human souls stay in silence and loneliness with memories of their crimes. Inspired by Doom Metal from the early 90’s, depressive Black Metal and Post-Black the band composed and recorded their first tracks, with negative emotions and disappointment about this world as lyrical themes. In 2013 MORODH started to work on the material for their first full-length album entitiled “The World of Retribution” which is now finally released by Witching Hour Productions.




My friends, what a splendid début album! “The World of Retribution” feels elegant, passionate, filled with despair and anguish. It’s dramatic, atmospheric and sorrowful. I truly sense that this is honest music, created with dedication and fervor. The music feels melancholic and emotional, at times even bleak, representing solitude and desperation. “The World of Retribution” gives you the perception that it’s an inspired and demiurgic release.




As for the music itself, we have all the obligatory elements of Depressive Black Metal, furious and distressed shrieks, melancholic as well as distorted guitar playing, repetitive parts, beautiful, but at the same time, mournful and somber tunes and atmosphere… a dark, aggressive, but still majestic and dazzling work that, without doubt, was crafted with much ardor, integrity and sincerity.




And about the production, one more positive aspect of this release; it’s not over-polished and not too raw, simply just right. I believe that any admirer of this genre will be pleased with it. Now I invite you all to give it a try, to listen to this band and if you like their, in my modest view, amazing music, I urge you to find a way to support them, to keep the band alive. If you can’t purchase the album right now, there are many other ways to help them and I ask you to find one.




Promo kindly provided by Sure Shot Worx.


Until next time.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Morodh


Album: The World of Retribution– 2014


Label: Witching Hour Productions




1. Desperation

2. Ritalin

3. Regret

4. Fatality

5. Desolation

6. The End

7. Loneliness

8. Lie


Morodh is:


Ragnaar – guitars

Astaroth – vocals

Anthart – bass

Andreas – drums


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

November 14, 2014


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