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Morphinist – No Future for Old Memories



Not too long ago, in December 2014, I reviewed an album released by the German band Morphinist. I was highly impressed with the work presented in “The Euphoria Session” and now, when it came to my knowledge that this band had already released a new EP, I was static, since I truly believed/ believe in its potential. Of course, I had to check it to see if it had kept the same quality or improved even more. Actually, just to make it sure, this is a newer release than “The Euphoria Session”, but issued after it, in 2015.


Before I talk about “No Future For Old Memories”, the latest opus, allow me to talk a bit about Morphinist. Concerning the EP, it was recorded in May 2014 shortly after my old amp died. So I’ve borrowed the custom-built amp from Maddin (Durothar) for the recording. The same amp was used on The Euphoria Session a few months later. Moreover, as for the band, Morphinist, a one-man band, was founded in 2013 in Hamburg, Germany and plays Atmospheric Post-Black Metal. Particularly in this EP, Black Metal is not present in a direct way. Having released five full-length albums, this is indeed a creative and prolific band.




I have already mentioned that you cannot find Black Metal in “No Future For Old Memories”, perhaps, maybe, some Post-Black Metal nuances in some of the instrumentals. By the way, this is an instrumental album. However, do not fool yourselves, the music is still aggressive and fierce, but yet melodic and beautiful. The intense passion is spread throughout the EP, with a rhythmic consistency that is almost hypnotically. The guitars create an exquisite sound that feels very ardent and fiery, perhaps a bit melancholic. The only “complain” I have is that you end up wanting more. It is truly an outstanding work of post-metal artistry.


When it comes to the production, recorded, mixed and mastered by Argwohn, I think that it is also a fine work; all instruments are “well placed”, well recorded and all sounds magnificent, undeniably epic and clean. My dear friends, if this description and opinion fits your tastes in music, please, give Morphinist a listen… and if you happen to like the music, I ask you to give your support to this band.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Morphinist


Album: No Future for Old Memories (EP – 2015)


Label: Independent




  1. Blood Brothers
  2. No Future for Old Memories
  3. Exotic Violence
  4. Terrestrial Rituals


Morphinist is:


Argwohn – Everything


Official Bandcamp:


Official Facebook:


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May 21, 2015


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