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Morphinist – The Euphoria Session



Morphinist is an Atmospheric Black Metal band that hails from the city of Hamburg, Germany. Founded 2013, this prolific band has already released two demos, two EPs and four full-length albums, the latest being “The Euphoria Session”, which I’ll share my thoughts with you. Songwriting, recording, mixing, mastering all done by the sole member, Argwohn. A bass session member, Tobi “Wanderer” K., was recently added to the Morphinist as well.




I enjoy this release a lot. It’s an Atmospheric Metal album, but Morphinist still manages to keep it brutal and aggressive and still melodic, beautiful and exquisite. I called your attention that, in my humble view, the Black Metal influences are always present and more than relevant, but we can also sense some hardcore music in here as well. The album is catchy, fast and provocative. In my modest opinion, the guitar work is amazing, I love it, tremolo picking, well-constructed riffs, speed and heaviness, it is just fantastic.




The regular readers of this website are aware that every time I’m typing my reviews, I listen to the album one more and “The Euphoria Session” feels so triumphant, compelling, powerful and striking. It’s really a work of art and truly, truly deserves more attention.




As for the production of “The Euphoria Session”, we have a commendable work here as well, one more positive point for this release. I urge you all to check Morphinist and, if you like the music, please, support the band the way that you are able to. If a purchase can’t be made, spread the word about the band, let your friends know about it, whatever you believe will help the band out.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Morphinist


Album: The Euphoria Session (2014)


Label: Independent




1. Alpha: Absorption

2. A Frog in my Hand

3. Tropical Drone

4. Aroma

5. Viel hilft viel

6. Disgusting and Intense

7. Omega: Comedown


Morphinist is:


Argwohn – All Instruments

Special guest – Tobi “Wanderer” K.


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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December 13, 2014


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