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Mortals – Cursed to See the Future



“Mortals” is a female Power Trio from New York City that started playing Metal Punk and eventually changed their style to Black/ Sludge Metal. “Having spent the past 2 years criss-crossing the country demolishing clubs and building a rabid grass roots fanbase, the world should prepare for the one of the heaviest debut LPs in recent memory.




Yes, I have to agree, it is one hell of a début album. Heavy, fast, powerful, dirty, ugly and impressive Black/ Sludge Metal, fast, evil, brutal, awesome, the music feels like headbanging all the way, the guitars have an epic feeling, the drums are very efficient and skilled drumming while the vocals are intense, crushing and desperate. This is one outstanding release! The guitar riffs are so freaking exciting, thrilling… what a splendid album.




In a way, the vocals reminds me of Chuck Schuldiner’s, the music itself has a feeling of Averse Sefira, one of the best Black Metal bands from the United States, too bad they’ve split-up, but, again, it’s just a remembrance and so we have some influences by Darkthrone as well. But the music isn’t a carbon copy of the mentioned bands and musicians, they are diverse. The album is also progressive and the change of pace happens naturally. It’s a cold, desolate album, created with honesty and inspiration, an example of how violent Sludge Metal and Black Metal should sound.




I have nothing to add about the production, it’s not ultra-clean, but far from being lo-fi, it’s quite pleasant to tell you the truth. At least to my ears, of course. And I close my thoughts with my “every time” wish, please, support Mortals, this is a very interesting and intriguing band, I really hope that they’ll release more albums. Whatever you do in order to promote them, it’s for sure always welcome.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Mortals


Album: Cursed to See the Future (2014)


Label: Relapse Records




1. View from a Tower

2. Epochryphal Gloom

3. The Summoning

4. Devilspell

5. Series of Decay

6. Anchored in Time


“Mortals” is:


Caryn Havlik – Drums

Lesley Wolf – Vocals, Bass

Elizabeth Cline – Vocals, Guitars


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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November 27, 2014


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