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Movie Suggestion XXI – Sønner av Norge



Movie Suggestion XXI – Sønner av Norge


Country: Norway – 2011


Genre: Drama/ Comedy


Directed by: Jens Lien


Starring: Åsmund Høeg, Sven Nordin


Plot: “A young Norwegian boy transforms into a rebellious punk rocker following a sudden tragedy that leaves his once-happy family irreparably fractured. The year is 1978. 14 year old Nikolas (Åsmund Høeg) is the oldest son of an eccentric family that also includes his passionate, architect father Magnus (Sven Nordin) and his loving mother Lone (Sonja Richter). Political rebels who revel in shaking things up, Magnus and Lone encourage independent thought in their two young boys, but when Lone is killed in a senseless hit and run, her husband can summon the strength to get out of bed and sends Nikolas’ younger brother to live with his more conventional aunt and uncle. Meanwhile, young Nikolas is left searching for his own identity, and quickly grows enamored with the anarchic growl of singer Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols. Before long the young boy has acquired some hair dye and a fistful of safety pins, and completed his transformation into a true punk rocker. Later, Magnus begins to emerge from his depressive haze, and much to Nikolas’ surprise, shows great support for his son’s newfound image rather than chastising him for it. Eventually, Nikolas decides to get creative, and starts a band with his best friend and another pair of local punks. When drugs and girls enter the picture, however, things quickly start to spin out of control” (




“This is a smart and funny comedy with a heavy sprinkling of drama to keep it on track. Norway has become known in recent years for the quirky comedy/drama films coming from there and this is a good example. Great directing by Lien from an excellent story by Nikolaij Frobenius. Fine acting performances from a great cast and nicely photographed by cinematographer Morte Søberg. Masterfully edited by Vidar Flatauken with a great score and sound this is a worthwhile coming of age film. Look for former Sex Pistols front man John Lydon as his alter ego Johnny Rotten in a cameo and a soundtrack featuring six original Sex Pistol classics.” (





“It is a very well played movie with excellent performances from the main characters, especially Sven Nordin, Asmund Høegh and Anton, the vocalist in The Dirt.  This is a feel good movie with a great future!  Here in Norway the movie has been rewarded with 5 out of 6 from the majority of the film critics in Norwegian newspapers. The team behind it have done a great job! Kudos to them!” (Harry Nordskog)




As you can see, this movie was very well received by the critics. It’s a very interesting view on the 70’s Norwegian society, punk rock and how a kid deals with a tragedy in life. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you feel like crying, the movie is outstanding. I just wish it was longer. What a credible movie, with an amazing plot, impressive acting and a “real” story. Highly recommended.

June 11, 2014


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