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Today I review an Avant-garde Progressive Modern Black Metal band with Esoteric themes that I highly admire. Well, if you’re a reader of this website, it’s not a surprise for you. It’s Mystical Fullmoon with their 2014 album Chthonian Theogony. Before the review, here are some interesting facts about the album concepts:


“The concept of “Chthonian Theogony” may be seen as a union of opposites, as an hermetic sum aimed at combining what’s above with what’s below, the dark, primordial, chthonian energies of the earth and of the night – sonically depicted by the use of percussions, dissonances, by the most extreme rhythms and by the most ritualistic ambient soundscapes – with a transcendent sense of grandeur and majesty, embodied by the bombastic orchestrations, by the lyricism of guitar solos, by a thoughtful and original use of synthesizers, not to mention the veritable progressive spirit that permeates the whole songwriting.”




As for the music, here are my thoughts and feelings: much like the city the band hails from we have here an elegant and exquisite black metal that sounds very polished, featuring interesting and exciting riffs! There’s also a ritualistic feeling when the music gets slower, but the album feels very epic, symphonic and exciting. I sensed a bit of the mystical phase of Emperor here, and, consequently, Chthonian Theogony sounds very esoteric and mystical. The experimentation (since the band is avant-garde) is very well-done; you clearly feel that they just don’t throw weird elements to sound different. The music is diverse, energetic, and sublime, I also would add magical. You have to let yourself in, merging with the sound they created, as it is indeed a different and impressive journey.


There are chants, whispers, clean and growls as backing vocals and the harsh, powerful and unique main vocals fit the music beautifully and are used as a complement of the music, of the atmosphere they create. The instrumentals sound actually alluring and at the same time eerie and the jazzy elements add more uniqueness to this album. Also, I should add that the blend, the combination, between the fast and the slower parts are simply amazing. Really, this album sounds freaking awesome. About the production, it is top-notch, nothing to complain about, but rather to praise!


Cover MYSTICAL FULLMOON Chthonian Theogony CD


Clocking a little over one hour, there are absolutely no fillers, all the songs sound great and the instrumental ones are there to build the mystical and esoteric feeling that has already been mentioned. I don’t like choosing songs to represent an album, but this time I’ll make an exception. I believe that “The Reader and the Naked Scientist” represents this album well. The last song, a cover of the late Jeff Buckley, is indeed an interesting example of how this band is intriguing, the song sounds calm and smooth, but, at the same time, so intense, powerful and emotional.


Finally, you can sense that this is their most mature release and that Mystical Fullmoon members put their hearts and souls into this album. They really deserver to be more and more recognized. And a few more information about the album, besides being a release with over one hour of music, there’s a rich artwork booklet with 20 pages, that was Mastered at Finnvox Studios and you’ll be supporting one of the oldest Black Metal bands from Italy. As I always say, support the band the way you can, please. They really deserve it.


Take good care of yourselves!


Grade: 10/10


Band: Mystical Fullmoon


Album: Chthonian Theogony (2014)


Label: Beyond Productions




1. Tachyon Oracle

2. An Outermost Resonance

3. Reward for the Blind

4. Stone of Splendor

5. A Red and Black Sacrament

6. The Reader and the Naked Scientist

7. After the Coil

8. Mechanics of Atonement

9. Aghori

10. Dream Brother


Mystical Fullmoon is:


Gnosis – Bass, Vocals

Heru – Guitars

Arcanus Incubus – Keyboards


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

July 6, 2014


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