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Nazghor – Diabolical Teachings



Nazghor emerged on a dark winter night in november 2012 from the unholy city of Uppsala in Sweden. The two creators had experience from previous bands and knew exactly how they wanted the sound to be. Short after they recruited others likeminded and the crafting took its direction. Bringing a pure, raw but yet melodic black metal of death. And with this quotation of the band’s biography, I present to you the album I’ll be sharing my thoughts, Diabolical Teachings, Nazghor’s forth full-length album since its creation three years ago.




In my humble opinion, this is one hell of an album. It features all that is needed when it comes to a qualitative Black Metal release: fast and raging riffs, crushing drumming, tormented vocals, an evil aura, it’s all there. Raw and melodic, the music posses a cold, bleak atmosphere that can be resumed only two words: dark beauty; as Dissection’s song “states”: for a black heart will only find beauty in darkness. Sometimes “Diabolical Teachings” sound even melancholic, sad, but in a more angered and revolted feel, rather than depressing.




While listening to the album, I’ve got that “goose bumps”, not in way of fear, but rather almost a “boost of energy” that only intense and well-created Black Metal music can give. As I mentioned before, I sincerely find “Diabolical Teachings” an outstanding release and I truly believe that it deserves a place among the best extreme albums of the current year.




When it comes to the album’s production, in my modest view, another fine aspect of “Diabolical Teachings”, since it is raw and crude, but not in a way that the instruments would be simply unheard; in fact, for this Black Metal style, I could even call is clean. So, my friends, I finish my thoughts by asking you all to check the band and their music and, if you enjoy what you hear, please, support them the way you’re able to. You can always find a way to even promote a band that deserves our “help”, which is the case of Nazghor.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Nazghor


Album: Diabolical Teachings (2015)


Label: Independent




  1. Versus Sanctus
  2. The Left Hand of Baphomet
  3. Sever the Ties Become the Antichrist
  4. One with Obscurity
  5. Cremation the Satanic Rite
  6. The Dark Souls of an Imminent Posterity
  7. Casus in Noctem
  8. The Altar Whisper
  9. Eternal Depth of Faith and Devotion for the Unholy Abyss
  10. Diabolical Teachings


Nazghor is:


Nekhrid – Vocals;

Armageddor – Guitars;

Angst – Guitars;

Amon – Bass


Official Facebook:


Official Youtube:


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March 12, 2015


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