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Nothgard – Age of Pandora



Founded in the year 2009, as Nothgard, the band was named Nordavind before, these Bavarians play Epic Melodic Death Metal. That’s a different genre, one more metal style, but hey, after listening to their music, it describes what Nothgard creates very well.


What can I say? First, I should confess that I was a bit skeptical with this release. Not because of the band, but the genre, Melodic Death Metal. Lately, even the so called stars of this style haven’t really released albums that are up to their classic ones, that in my modest view, of course, but I was very surprised with Nothgard’s “Age of Pandora”. The album is more than praiseworthy, it’s outstanding.




Here we have a great example of how you should combine aggressiveness and harmony. The whole album feels very epic and exciting, you feel like headbanging all the time. Everything here is, in my humble opinion, excellent! The orchestral parts, vocals, guitars, drums and bass all working in perfect harmony. Bombastic, incredible and stunning are some of the adjectives we can use to describe “Age of Pandora”.There’s this heroic feeling that uplifts you while listening to the album. Of course experiences may difference, as the music has different effects on people, but, personally, I simply felt good while listening to the album. It’s just great!


As for the lyrics, the vocalist/guitarist Dom R. Crey has this to say: “There are no clichés at all on these new album, but true real-life topics and very own feelings, which have a deep meaning for me and the band. Simply perfect for our fans to get eventually ‘lyrical mirrored’ so to say.” Sounds very interesting in my opinion. I look forward to listening to the album with the lyrics as well.




I conclude this review by stating that this is one of the finest releases of the year. Or better, will be, as the album is going to be released in September. And, like usual, I ask you to help the band the way that you are able to. Any help is appreciated, I’m sure.


Have a good day!


Promo kindly provided by Markus Eck / METALMESSAGE PR.


Release date: 12/09/2014


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Nothgard


Album: Age of Pandora (2014)


Label: TrollZorn




1. Of Light and Shadow

2. Age of Pandora

3. Blackened Seed

4. Black Witch Venture

5. In Blood Remained

6. Anima

7. Obey the King

8. Wings of Dawn

9. Mossback Children

10. No One Holds the Crown


Nothgard is:


Dom R. Crey – Vocals / Lead-Guitar

Vik S. – Bass

Daniel K. – Lead / Rhythm-Guitar

D. Ziegler – Drums

Skaahl – Rhythm-Guitar


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


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July 28, 2014


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