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Novembers Doom – Bled White



What can I say about Novembers Doom? I guess there’s not much to say about such a legendary Death/ Doom Metal band other than after three years, the band is back with a new album, named Bled White. A little information about the band that I find important to share is the following one, stated on their official page: Despite the band’s longevity and their high name-recognition within metal circles, there still seem to be some misconceptions circulating about Novembers Doom. “For those people who have yet to listen to Novembers Doom, who have never given us a chance because they feel we play a specific style of music because we have the word ‘doom’ in our name, then ‘Into Night’s Requiem Infernal’ is the album they should try us with,” Kuhr implores metal fans. “It is a combination of death metal, rock and roll, thrash, progressive, and elements of doom, all combined to create our strongest offering.” Personally, I think this applies to Bled White, one fine release.


Featuring over one hour of great music, “Bled White” is an exquisite and opulent release. Very varied, with aggressive Death Metal parts, gloomy and dark Doom, acoustic passages, from depressive mood to fierce and fiery atmosphere and epic feel, clean and growling vocals, amazing instrumental work, this is, in my modest view, one excellent release. One more aspect that I would like to call your attention is the lyrics. You can sense that they’re from Kuhr’s heart, deep, emotional, but not “mellow”, real emotions, real observations.




One thing that I loved about the album, and I’ve mentioned before, is that how the musical genre naturally changes within the songs. One minute there’s some furious old-school Death Metal, in another Gothic and then some melancholic Doom, all done, like I said, in a very natural way. And this isn’t a difficult album to digest; you don’t need some spins to make up your mind. Of course “Bled White” is better appreciated when you listen to it at home, in a calm mood, and able to enjoy all the details, but you’ll be able to enjoy it anywhere, I believe.


As for the production, I just have to mention that Dan Swanö, along with Chris Wisco. I think it’s a well-known fact that Dan can really more flavor to an album. Everything sounds rich on “Bled White”, crystal clear and powerful. I guess we shouldn’t expect less from this very competent musician and producer. So, as usual, please, support the band, I kindly ask you to do what is in your hands to help them, be it about simply sharing a review, a video you found on Youtube at your social network of choice, letting your friends know about the band and the release, and buy the albums/ merchandise when you are able to.




Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Novembers Doom


Album: Bled White (2014)


Label: The End Records




1. Bled White

2. Heartfelt

3. Just Breathe

4. Scorpius

5. Unrest

6. The Memory Room

7. The Brave Pawn

8. Clear

9. The Grand Circle

10. Animus

11. The Silent Dark


Novembers Doom is:


Paul Kuhr – Vocals

Larry Roberts – Guitars, Vocals

Vito Marchese – Guitars

Mike Feldman – Bass

Garry Naples – Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


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August 11, 2014


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