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Omfalos is an Extreme Metal band that, well, “basically” plays Black Metal with many influences from Industrial, Experimental and Death Metal. Hailing from Brazil, one of the members is Thormianak, of Miasthenia fame and the other one is Le Misanthrope, from Godtoth. As for Omfalos, I’ve been following the band since its foundation, not so long ago, in 2010, well, more like when the first full-length album named “Idiots Savants” in 2011. Omfalos has also released another full-length, “Cotton Candy Rendezvous”, in 2013, and a short EP named Fallacy in 2014.


I’ll start with the “negative” aspect and I use the singular form because I only think there’s one, the length. I know this is an EP, but the music here is so freaking great that I want more, much more. As for the music, it’s brutal, fast, chaotic, and almost insane. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this isn’t “just” a Black Metal release, there are Death and Thrash elements, all in an eight minutes EP. You should have an idea of what I’m talking about when it comes to the chaotic and violent mood. It’s an incredibly hard task to describe Omfalos. You should try it yourself. And that’s my recommendation, if you like Extreme Metal, you won’t be disappointed, perhaps only by the length. “Fallacy” is incredible.




Recorded in July 2014 at Less Than Zero studios, the album was produced, mixed and mastered by Thormianak and Misanthrope themselves. And what an extraordinary job they did. The production is flawless. I admit I personally love everything about this EP!


And to finish this short review or if you prefer, my personal feelings over the release, I ask you to support this band. They are absolutely creative, talented and artistic thriving, deserving all the support we can give them.




I wish you all a pleasant day.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Omfalos


Album: Fallacy (EP – 2014)


Label: Independent




1. Fallacy I

2. Fallacy II

3. Fallacy III


Omfalos is:


Thormianak – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

Le Misanthrope – Vocals, Samples


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

August 10, 2014


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  1. Thank you very much for the support, man! Much appreciated.

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