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Opium Warlords – Taste My Sword of Understanding



Sami Albert Hynninen, the man I find the voice one of the greatest on the metal genre, former vocalist and bassist of the almighty Reverend Bizarre, after the demise of this institute has been involved with many bands, among them Armanenschaft, Spiritus Mortis, Azrael Rising, Vironsusi and Opium Warlords. I was highly anticipating this release, and I’m not embarrassed to say, I am a HUGE fan of this man’s works (the same can be said about Kimi Kärki’s as well).




Much like Sami’s previous works, he concentrates his endeavor on a psychedelic and sludge doom metal direction, a heavy bass sound, epic and yet gloomy atmosphere and the almighty (yes, almighty again) well-known Sami’s vocals. Heavy riffs and a melancholic mood as well as very emotional, the whole album feels like a spell, it’s hard to make myself clear here, but I’ve been hypnotized by Sami and Kimi’s work since the beginning of Reverend Bizarre. They earned a fan for life, but, as I said, when you are too attached to a work, it’s very tough to explain it. One thing you must know, you have to let yourself get involved with Opium Warlords’ music and not just listen to it while driving or as a background sound. You need to pay attention to the songs and you’ll feel the spell, the ritual too.




The compositions are usually long, the album clocks about seventy two minutes. Production is incredible and really, my friends, the music is so freaking great, so amazing and majestic that induced me eargasms. I should add as well that the lyrics are spectacular, like poems. I can not stop listening to “Taste My Sword of Understanding”




Last, but not least, I will repeat myself (I know, I do repeat myself often, but sometimes this is needed), Sami is a very talented artistic, his works are a representation of his soul, of his mind, of what he loves and not what is trendy, what will sell more, so, I ask you all that enjoy this style, I kindly ask you all to help promoting Opium Warlords the way you can, obviously.


I wish you all a good day.


Grade: 10/10


Bands: Opium Warlords


Album: Taste My Sword of Understanding (2014)


Label: Svart Records




1. The Sadness of Vultures

2. The Self-Made Man

3. The God in Ruins

4. The Solar Burial

5. The Land Beyond the Pole

6. Mount Meru

7. This Place Has Been Passed

8. Manisolas from Misandria

9. In Melancholy Moonless Acheron


Opium Warlords is:


Sami Albert Hynninen – All instruments, Vocals


Official Facebook:

July 19, 2014


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