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Paimonia – Disease Named Humanity



I have to start this review with the following statement: what an exciting and interesting new release! Everytime I’m contacted to review an album I’m always afraid to have to listen to more of the same, but no, Paimonia delivers. And delivers amazingly well with a tasteful black metal release.


Disease Named Humanity starts off with some cold black metal riffs, you feel like it’s a cold release, but then we get into the eerie parts and you can clearly feel that this isn’t, as I said that I always fear, more of the same. Quite frankly, I’m listening to the album one more time as I type the interview and I have to admit that I’m too excited to describe it, it’s just… it’s just so great! It’s such a relieving and fresh experience for a person that listens to this genre for almost twenty years and you get to know a younger band playing with quality, originality and passion.


The album gets better and better while listening to it; No, I’m not saying that the first songs aren’t as amazing as the last ones, what I’m trying to say that they all complete a “set”, the songs all combined develop into a miscellany that is simply phenomenal. In my humble opinion, everything works perfectly here, the guitars, vocals, bass, drums, everything. You get that 90’s Swedish/ Norwegian feel, but it’s not a copycat. It’s just an influence and so are the death and thrash metal genres. The entire release is very haunting; much like the lyric’s thematic.


Paimonia managed to balance in perfect harmony a release that features not only fast songs, nihilistic sounds as well as some epic parts. If you’re willing to get to know the band, please, listen to “Depth Within Nothingness Called Life”, I personally believe that this song represents the entire album. Majestic and beauty intertwined with misanthropy and decay. Nothing to complain or to add more profoundly about the production. The sound is crystal clear, what else can we ask for…


As for the formats that Disease Named Humanity was released, here’s some information: CD: Standard jewel case edition released through Humanity’s Plague Productions (USA) in February 2014, limited to 1000 copies; MC: Pro-done tape released through Exalted Woe Records (USA) in December 2013, limited to 100 copies.


This young band deserves all the possible support. It’s rare to listen to such magnificent début albums, especially in present times, as people can record an entire album in his/ her bedroom and we hear lots of disappointing releases. This is not the case of Disease Named Humanity, an album that has become one of my favorite releases from the last years.


I look forward to our next meeting!


Grade: 10/10


Band: Paimonia


Album: Disease Named Humanity (2013)


Label: Humanity’s Plague Productions


Track list:


1. As Plague Scourge This World Apart

2. Contagion Through Aeons

3. Ruined Form Catharsis

4. Depth Within Nothingness Called Life

5. Resurgence of Malice

6. Funeral of Decaying World

7. Opus VII (Through the Endless Phantasmagoria)


Paimonia is:


B.V. – Vocals, Guitars, Bass

N.P.V. – Drums


Official Facebook:

Official SoundCloud:

May 27, 2014