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Patria – Individualism

Hailing from Southern Brazil, Patria was founded by two musicians that are highly involved with the underground metal scene on the mentioned country, having many side bands which are also much respected. And so is the same with Patria, a band that has been playing black metal since the year 2008, with their quality, innovation and enthusiasm progressing on each release. In 2014, the band released through the well-known Norwegian label “Indie Recordings” their latest opus, titled Individualism.




This is the most mature and professional work of Patria, while still keeping their roots: piercing, malevolent, raw, dark and impressive black metal. Featuring very aggressive instrumentations and demonic vocals, Patria’s music resembles the older and classic works of the Scandinavian bands, but also with their identity, the music sounds chaotic and yet refined at the same time, as well as the morbid atmosphere is one more intense elements of Individualism. Clocking about forty two minutes, you’ll never get bored by Individualism with its different melodies played in a fast way, but with changing of pace as well, killer riffs, raging music, the album is all has all that is needed on a Black Metal release! Yes, you can say that perhaps it’s not the most ground breaking album ever, but it’s incredible, it’s awesome. If you simply want to just sit down and enjoy some great extreme metal, Individualism is for you.




The album production is really amazing; the album was mixed at P2rstudio and Mantra Studio in Brazil and mastered at Silver Soundscapes in Norway by Øystein G. Brun. Some of the old-school Black Metal fans might really enjoy this crystal clear production, but I personally prefer to listen to all instruments and vocals. I can certainly enjoy some “rough” production, I like it better clean.




One more aspect of the album that I liked as well is the artwork, tastefully done by Costin Chioreanu who has already done works for bands such as Sigh, Ihsahn, Arcturus, Aura Noir, Ulver, among many others. One talented artist with a prolific and stylish work.




So, I conclude this review by stating that the band really delivers what a Black Metal listener expects, especially if you enjoy the older school, but with a better production and some different, interesting takes. And like always, I ask you all, well, all readers that enjoyed the album, to help promoting it, to support the band the way you are able to.




I wish you all a pleasant day.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Patria


Album: Individualism (2014)


Label: Indie Recordings




1. Individualism

2. Blood Storm Prophecy

3. Uncrowned God of Light

4. Outrage

5. Orphan of Emptiness

6. Far Beyond the Scorn

7. Catharsis

8. Epiphany

9. Your Rotten Heart Dies Now

10. God’s Entombment

11. Requiem for the Ego


Patria is:


Triumphsword – Vocals

Mantus – All instruments


Official Facebook:

Official Homepage:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

July 1, 2014


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