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Peste Noire/ Diapsiquir – Rats des villes vs rats des Champs





French Extreme Metal scene has always been among my all time favorites. The bands have something different, a particular flavor, all that, of course, up to my own tastes. Well, what I mean is that many of the French bands are interesting since they always try to have something different in their sound, but, yes, not always they all manage to reach a greatness level. This is no the case of Peste Noire and Diapsiquir, two bands that I highly admire their works for the distinctiveness. The French have release a split album now in 2014 named “Rats des villes vs rats des Champs”, which I’ll share my thoughts.




First I’ll talk about the Peste Noire contribution to this split. It’s, in my modest view, freaking great. It feels decadent, raw, crude, pissed off and French, obviously French. The guitar work is stunning; I simply loved the melodies created by the band. It’s interesting to see how the accordion helped with this mood of decay and not into something cheesy and happy like we see with other bands. The music is also atmospheric and heavy. The guitars are distant, almost like anguished screams. In a way, I can’t help to think that I’m living in a Toulouse Lautrec painting while listening to Peste Noire, the malaise that was captured well by this artist. But what can be said for sure is about the lyrics, as we can clearly see Jean de La Fontaine’s influence on the title as well as the poem used as lyrics. Amazing work.




And then we reach the Diapsiquir side, which is also very interesting. There’s a feeling of an opium induced state, an anesthesia to the senses and absolutely beauty. The changing of pace is pleasing and it’s curious how you feel like there are several musical styles blended in. If you are not familiar with this band already, and please, do it when you’re able to, they play Experimental Industrial Black Metal. You can image the journey that Diapsiquir’s music is, alluring and ugly at the same time, but always fascinating. Everything here is, in my humble opinion, simply a delight to the ears.




The “quality” of the split’s production depends on the band we’re talking about. Concenring Diapsiquir, we have something clean, more polished, as for Peste Noire, it’s raw, like all Peste Noire releases, raw, but not fuzzy, just in a sense that the music’s style is followed by the production and it fits quite well. I only have now a few words to say which I always repeat: please, support both bands, Peste Noire and Diapsiquir, the way you are able to. If you can “only” spread the world, it’s already much help, I certainly believe so.




Take care.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Peste Noire – Diapsiquir


Album: Rats des villes vs rats des champs (Split – 2014)


Label: La Mesnie Herlequin




Side A – Javel

1. Diapsiquir – Javel

2. Diapsiquir – Nicolas (William Sheller cover)


Side B – Dans ma Nuit

1. Peste Noire – Dans ma nuit

2. Peste Noire – Le rat de ville et le rat des champs


Peste Noire is:


La Sale Famine de Valfunde – Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Lyrics

Sainte Audrey-Yolande de la Molteverge – Vocals, Hammond Organ, Piano

Ardraos – Drums, Accordion


Official Label Facebook:


Diapsiquir is:


SXC – Bass, Programming, Vocals (backing)

Toxik Harmst – Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Samples


Official Facebook:


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October 16, 2014


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