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Petrychor is an American band that, in the band’s musician own words, plays Black Metal laced with Folk, Avant-garde Classical, and other musical interests. Cataclysmic catharsis for the modern age of noise and chaos. The following is also stated by the band: the intersection of cosmic and terrestrial influences, music of and from the stars and how we relate to them from our position on Earth. Rest well and travel far, for though you at times may feel that you are without company, hopefully these sounds will remind you that there are others scattered across the globe, who are on a similar journey. Share in it. I believe you are able to have an idea of what Petrychor is about, so let’s talk about Makrokosmos, the latest release.




I love the atmosphere of the album, I just love it. It’s so complex and very well done that I can’t help to feel but impressed. The music is rich, varied, weird, chaotic and simply amazing. I find it great how the pace changes from a calming part to black metal shrieks, fast guitars, with classical music elements all blended in. There are lots of electronic influences in the space-rock bits, the violins are tastefully used, the drum machine, instead of having a negative impact on the music (and I say this because there are many that don’t enjoy drum machines, I personally don’t mind it), fits this album quite well.




There are only four songs, but they’re long, so there’s nothing to complain about the album’s length. When I listen to Makrokosmos, I sense that there’s an enigmatic message in the songs, they’re powerful and unique, triumphant, elegant and epic. I also should add that you will encounter acoustic guitars, symphs and many other surprises in Makrokosmos. It’s indeed, in my humble opinion, an utterly interesting album that will lead you into an incredible experience, if you like audacious and peculiar music.




I’ve got nothing to complain about the production, it’s, in my modest view, fine. I just a few last words for you to read, please, give the band a try, and if you like the music, support Petrychor the way that is possible for you, be it about purchasing the album or sharing the band’s page on your Facebook, Twitter or whichever website you use. This musician deserves it.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,6/10


Band: Petrychor


Album: Makrokosmos (2014)


Label: Khrysanthoney Co.




1. The Place Where the Red Stars Hang

2. Ceaseless White

3. Planets Born of Human Ash

4. Cosmic Irrelevance Does Not Suggest Terrestrial Insignificance


Petrychor is:


Tad Piecka – All instruments, Vocals


Official Bandcamp:


Official Website:


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October 19, 2014


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