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Today we have something different than what we talk about here on And I guess this should be a space for all sorts of extreme music… and I like extreme music, no matter the genre. Well, back to the review, Puttorso is a one man Grindcore project from the stunning Bilbao in the Basque Country.


What can be said about a Grindcore release? Well, you have fast guitars, growls, insane drumming (programmed, but it doesn’t really matter, at least for me). The album has lots of movie intros that make the release even more interesting and even funny at many times, funny as intended by the band, I believe. I love the song titles, if you understand Spanish; you’ll get what this band is about. I freaking love what I’m listening (as I always listen to the album I’m reviewing one more type while typing my thoughts). “Analmente” is indeed a different, engaging and very entertaining. Of course you’ll only be able to enjoy it if you like Grind.




Something that it’s not of my knowledge, but I read on an interview with the band is that “The music of Puttorso is highly influenced by the Spanish underground Extreme Metal scene, with bands such as Looking for an Answer, Nashgul or Disturbance Project, and, of course, lots of international Grind acts such as Inhume, Regurgitate or Brutal Truth.”. Well, the international part is pretty easy to notice, but I didn’t know about the Spanish ones. I should check them.


I’ll repeat myself, and this will always happen, because I believe this is important, if you enjoyed the music you heard, support the band the way that is possible for you, it doesn’t matter how, at least do something to help them, be it about talking to your friends about the band or, when you’re able to, buy the releases.




Take care!


Grade: 9,2/10


Band: Puttorso


Album: Analmente (2014)


Label: Independent




1. Ano (Hostia puta, Morrissey tenía razón)

2. Ano (¿Sushi? No, gracias, siguen sin gustarme Iron Maiden)

3. Ano (Devorando mierda por la puta boca)

4. Ano (Matando monjas en defensa propia; me atacaron por la puta espalda)

5. Ano (Los minihuesos esos del beicon, ¿qué hostias?)

6. Ano (No traigas un chiste de Los Morancos a un puto duelo de banjos)

7. Ano (Ya me jodería, ¿quieres un kleenex?)

8. Ano (¿Música clásica? No, gracias, siguen sin sobrarme cromosomas)

9. Ano (O sea que llamáis “battle jacket” a esa mierda con parches)

10. Ano (Te dices satánico, te decimos gay)

11. Ano (Foma es lo contrario de Mofa)

12. Ano (Cagando torsos por el ano)

13. Ano (Catorce tragos de Mat Kenn sin respirar)

14. Ano (No quedan truños blancos de perro como los de antes)

15. Ano (Contemplad la Diarrea Social en toda su gloria)

16. Ano (Invocando a la musa que inspira los chistes de gangosos para felicitarla por su trabajo con Arévalo)

17. Ano (De entre todos los adjetivos que podría haber elegido, he elegido ano)

18. Ano (Buscando la verdad en las Muy interesante de 1998)

19. Ano (La Biblia es un puto coñazo, pero sus películas son la polla)

20. Ano (Zurc es Cruz al revés)

21. Ano (Dios salve al Puto Torso) (Derribos Arias)


Puttorso is:


Gaizka – Guitars, Vocals, Drum programming


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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August 28, 2014


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