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Quercus – Heart with Bread



Quercus – Heart with Bread


“We are looking up to the nature and life, we are looking up to the pipe organ, to the instrument of thousand voices. Symbols of passing time and eternity. Touches of aeons.


We feel the need to celebrate both of these elaborated mechanism, nature and organ.


In the temple we find nature, in the nature we find the temple. Both are transcended by great symphonic harmony.


There is also melancholy in our praise, pain and sadness of non-return are parts of our admiration.


How helter-skelter and endless the being can be”.


I have reviewed the previous Quercus album here on Metal-Maniac in 2014 and I admit that I was highly impressed by their work. Now this Czech band returns with a new release, titled “Heart with Bread”, which contains, in my modest view, one of the most intense and beautiful compositions I have heard in a very long time. I truly believe this is a masterpiece.


The Czech Republic has, in my humble opinion, one of the best metal scenes. From there you can hear the amazing works from great bands such as Umbrtka, Trollech, Stíny Plamenů, Master’s Hammer, Cult of Fire, Silva Nigra and many others, including, obviously Quercus. This is a scene that should be more and more explored by those that are looking for something different, innovative and interesting.




As for Quercus’ music, the band plays Funeral Doom Metal with Avant-garde elements. I highly enjoy Funeral Doom, but I understand that some people might find it a bit boring. It is not the case with Quercus. The sound presented in “Heart with Bread” is passionate, vibrant and intense. It has so many beautiful moments that are genuinely emotional and yet powerful, but, at the same moment, delicate. The feelings behind the music are complex, much like the music itself.


The guitars are pulsating, while the vocals create an atmosphere of despair and melancholic, all cooked with an enticing organ playing an important role in the background. “Heart with Bread” is a sombre, strange journey, not easy to be completed, but, if you are persistent, listening to it in the right mood, it will be rewarding. The dazzling atmosphere, the mysterious scenes and the almost transcendental aura crafted by these artists will seduce you.




I have to repeat myself a bit more still when it comes to describe the music of Quercus. This is practically the same of what I have said about their previous effort… This does not mean that they are repeating themselves, not at all, but rather that they know which path to follow. That being said, I must add “Heart with Bread” is an absorbing album and like “Sfumato“, at first you feel almost lethargic and then the music gets more and more intense, more and more powerful. It is indeed so impressive. Melancholic, exquisite, stunning. As mentioned before, a masterpiece.


As I always point, please, give this band a chance. They are highly creative, talented and not afraid to experiment with music. As for the sound quality, like the music, it is great, all well-balanced and recorded. One more time, check “Heart with Bread” and let yourself be delighted by this magnificent experience.




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Grade: 10/10


Band: Quercus


Album: Heart with Bread (2016)


Label: MFL Records


Track list:


  1. A Canticle for the Pipe Organ
  2. Illegible Tree Name
  3. Bread and Locomotive
  4. Silvery Morning
  5. My Heart’s in the Highlands


Quercus is:


Lukáš Kudrna

Ondřej Klášterka



Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:

April 28, 2016


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